[Music] [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel I am so beyond excited to be sharing this video with you guys this has been something we have been working on for the past several weeks and I am so happy that it’s all come together now I love sharing makeovers and just creating spaces that are not only functional but also beautiful and these are one of my favorite videos to create for you guys if not my very favorite they just make me so excited and some things I’m very very passionate about so let’s go ahead and jump on into it so to start out this is one of the bedrooms in our house that we were using previously for a playroom and also kind of a guest bedroom so it was a little bit of a mixture of a room and because our basement is just about finished our boys are moving downstairs and we were kind of swapping some of the rooms out I’ve actually outgrown my office that I had downstairs on the main level and so for that reason I am taking over this room upstairs and creating a more secluded office that I can get a little bit better work done and feel a little bit more focused in so here Kyle and I are just clearing out the room taking the bed out in all of the toys and everything and then we’ll start biking in the floor and getting that carpet clean and just making sure that we’re starting with a totally clean space [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so once everything was nice and clean and cleared out we just started putting together this desk I will have a link down in the description box for all the items that I can find links for and let you guys know along the way but if I don’t mention where something is from you can go ahead and just leave a comment asking me but this desk was from Amazon and I love love love it I cannot tell you how amazing it is it’s a really good size and like you can see it is super super easy to put together so I just cannot say enough good things about this desk I [Music] next we just move the couch that I had in my old office upstairs to the new office I really love having a sitting space in the office that way the kids can come in and hang out with me or Kyle can come in and just sit while I’m working and I feel like it just makes the space a little bit more family friendly and so that’s why I love having some type of sitting area in here [Music] [Applause] please [Music] so this is actually filmed on two different days the first day we just really kind of set up the office but if the furniture and everything and then the second day I was filming I actually was going in and decorating everything and adding a few more little furniture pieces so the first thing I’m bringing in is this bench that I got from home goods and then this little fiddle leaf tree that I actually got from Ikea but I will link one that I found on Amazon in case if you don’t have an Ikea near you and next I’m just adding in some throw pillows along with some pillow covers that I just got from Amazon I get all of my pillow covers from Amazon and I just feel like they have such good quality ones lots of different options whether you want different colors or different textures and they are always a pretty good deal as well and you’ll notice throughout the room I do like to be a lot of attention to texture and just add different textures here and there and I feel like that just adds a lot of interest and something you definitely don’t overlook when decorating [Music] why do we do [Music] next time just setting up a little tray on my desk using a tray is a really good trick if you want to add several different pieces that might not necessarily go together but you want to create a space that really feels like it’s cohesive adding a few items onto a tray will definitely do that and the tray just really brings it all together so I did share a few sneak peeks over an Instagram they’ve already gotten tons of messages about this lamp I will be linking it down below but this one was from Amazon and then the other items on the tray along with pretty much everything else in the room came from either Amazon Marshalls IKEA or the target dollar spot [Music] we don’t need the paralyzed or tomorrow never see the end of the night bazaar what do we love what do we do to love whenever there’s an done why don’t we do what we do to love what [Music] this bookshelf is one that I actually got on Amazon several months ago and I had it down in my old office but I love this letter bookshelf I feel like it is very pretty and it’s also very functional and that was exactly my goal when decorating this as well I wanted to create some space that would not only look pretty but also be very functional and so that’s why I got these baskets these were again from Marshalls and then I just added a few plans I have my camera set up on there and then just a few little pieces that are very special to me or something that just kind of brings me joy when I see it and you’ll notice that I’m constantly kind of moving things around resituated things pulling things from one side to the other moving things completely off the shelf and putting new things on when you are decorating don’t feel like you just have to get it right the first time this is definitely not the case and I would say nine times out of ten it’s just kind of trial and error seeing what looks good pulling it back and trying something else until you feel like it feels right to you and that’s just kind of the fun of decorating but there are a few rules that you can follow and one of the rules that I do like to use as a guideline is paring things in pairs of three a lot of times pairs of three looks really really well together so [Music] next I am just putting up this big mirror I actually got this on Black Friday for about $20 at Walmart and one of the tricks that I’m using here is just by putting toothpaste on the hanging holes in the back and that kind of helps this as a guide to help us hang it up on the wall Kyle is shaking his head at me because he thinks is so silly he thinks that we need to measure a bunch and I am just not that way I don’t want to take the time to do that and I feel like a majority of the time this little trick works just as well as measuring but I would definitely hate to admit that [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] perfect you want them right there yeah so here we are just hanging up my YouTube play button and then also my logo sign that was made for me by my friend Emily for Mama from scratch and right here I’m just showing you how I am adding the toothpaste to at the hanger on the back and that way it will leave some of the toothpaste on the wall when you push it on where you want and that’s how you know where you need to put your screw in [Music] and last but not least I am just adding this little ottoman that I got from Marshalls and I want to stress don’t be afraid of patterns even if it seems like it might be a little busy as long as you don’t have too many statement pieces or patterns going on in the room it will probably pop in the room and make it look a lot better and a lot more interesting so definitely don’t be afraid and go ahead and try that out [Music] Oh Sophie only a shy [Music] so here you can see the before when it was totally cleaned out I actually forgot to take some before shots from when it was the guest bedroom but if you go into some of my cleaning videos or some of my home tour videos you can see what it looked like before when it was a guest room slash playroom and the transformation in this room has just been incredible the room feels so much bigger this way and it’s just been so nice people to work in a space that I can close the door if I need to and I just feels like my own space and something that is very simple but it has all the things that I need and a few little pieces that just kind of make it feel cozy and warm in a place that I can really enjoy being in for a long time since I do spend a lot of time working in this room so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I will be having tons more makeover videos as you know because we are going to be making over our new guest room also Kyle’s office downstairs and all three of the boys rooms and our entire basement so if you are into a home and room makeovers like I am definitely make sure that you are subscribed on below with your notification belt on so that you do not miss out on [Music] [Music] everything is done I think you guys have to tell me if you like that poof there Caillou couldn’t really tell me if he loved it or not I feel like it’s nice and practical and they feel like it’s good because otherwise it was like so empty there but then Yugi’s emptiness is good let me know if you guys like the pouf don’t like the pouf let me know the other thing I’m kind of struggling with right now is this mirror I love the mirror I love it so good this thing is huge it’s probably like three feet tall maybe like three and a half or four feet wide I’m wondering if I should put something on each side originally I wanted to put those on each side but once I got him home and like wow those are really too small I was hoping for like tall thin skinny like canvases with plant pictures on it and then I was hoping to get like a macrame thing for over there like a wall hanging but I couldn’t find either of those things so I got those which I really love those I do think they look good there I think they look small on the camera but they’re not that small um and like when you’re here because this is such a wide wall this is like where you come in from the door it’s such a white wall and I don’t have any like furniture anything here a part of me just feels like it feels incomplete but then maybe the simplicity of it is good I don’t know let me know your thoughts because I have asked several of my girlfriend’s just seen like what do you think I need to do I think I asked over on Instagram I am just needing a little bit of guidance here I need like an outside eye I asked Kyle and he’s like I like it oh he’s no help but let me know what you guys think of this because I am super undecided [Music]


Hey family!! Ahh I’ve been so excited to share this makeover video with y’all! And if you follow me on Instagram @thiscrazylifevlog & saw my stories, you know the struggles I had πŸ˜… I have 2 questions!! Please help me out by answering them below! Love you guys!! XO β™‘amanda

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2️⃣ Leave me a comment sharing your thoughts on if I should put something next to the mirror on the big wall? I’m so torn on it, so I left it for now, but I would love to hear your ideas & thoughts! (I share & talk about it more in depth at 12:56 in the video)

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Love your video Amanda I wish I could have my own office mine is in my bedroom at the moment ( can’t wait for my two grown up kids to leave the house so I can turn one of the bedroom into office)

The office looks great. In regards to your lovely mirror, perhaps you could put another Ikea plant next to it to break up the space a bit. Or perhaps move the mirror closer to the couch. I'm sure you will be able to come up with a great idea yourself once you get a bit more a feel for the space when you start using it regularly. Thanks again for a great video, also appreciated down here in Melbourne, Australia. X

Awww this made me laugh πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜‚that was soooo funny moving the furniture sooooo many times πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ½u have an amazing eye for details and u should def be doing some kind of decorating job i thinkπŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ½you have a way to style everything so lovely!😍πŸ’ͺ🏽😊xxx

Great job. Shampooing carpets is so satisfying.. Love the decor. The mirror is lovely. I would leave that space for now as you may want to switch your desk around it gives you options. Great job as per you guys β€οΈπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

It looks fabulous, well done. I like the mirror on its own. With the pouffe I would move it over to the left a little. My fav thing is your office chair, love it! Oops nearly forgot for Kyle…. πŸ‘

I definitely eyeball it. I don't have the patience to be measuring anything! Especially when it comes to decorating. I want it up now so I so I can see it! The room looks great! Love the color scheme.

I love your new office Amanda. πŸ₯° It’s so pretty. The desk chair is so cool!! You and Kyle did a great job. You are very handy girl! I can’t wait to see your other room make overs. Have a great Friday! 😘❀️

Some white farmhouse shutters with the hooks for the mason jars so you can put flowers or greenery in them would be super cute next to the mirror. Or maybe even spray painting the mirror frame white. It turned out super cute! But I agree, something long and skinny next to the mirror would make it complete! ❀

I love it but I agree with you that the mirror needs something on each side to anchor it. It's such a perfect, cozy space!

these types of videos inspire me to decorate my room something I have been wanting to do for a long time i enjoyed this video

Muito bom πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’–

The office looks so great! My fave thing is the bench with the pink pillows. Such a cozy little spot. I also love the tray/decor on the desk. Very cute! The poof looks nice, I think. If you feel its in the way, maybe move it to the left side of the couch? I'm not a great decorator, so take my opinion for what its worth LOL!

I was soo excited to watch this! I’m redoing my office in a couple weeks so you gave me some awesome ideas to use in my new space ☺️ love the poof and the mirror! I don’t think you could go wrong with the mirror, it looks good by Itself but I think it would look good with a canvas on each side to! ❀️

A candle scone on each side of the mirror would look nice and you could change the candles out throughout the year for seasonal scents. Love your space, its beautiful! Love the desk and ottoman! ❀

Love it it's so beautiful❀ and I loooveπŸ₯° the office desk so functional and beautiful can't wait for your next rooms makeover I always love to watch those!! πŸ™‚

Looks great! I love the ladder shelf and the definition it adds to the room most (along with the textured pillows and ottoman). I think that mirror wall looks fine as is. Because you have all corners of the room occupied, the simplicity of the bare wall on that side seems to balance it out keeps it from looking or feeling too busy. If you do decide to put something there, maybe just a floating shelf above the mirror with simple live plants. Live plants always give a clean feel to spaces, but of course they also lead to the work of having to water them too LOL

Love the pouf, maybe a rug? Also, maybe hang a wreath in the middle of the mirror? Maybe lambs ear. I do think it needs something on the side. Beautiful office! You did a great job decorating. Love it. ❀️

So I think your office is missing a place to pin up notes – corkboard. Also thing that wall would look cute with black and white family photoes.

Love all of your tips!!! The toothpaste one is genius! Love love love the way it turned out 😍❀️❀️

Love the desk for sure, and the lamp! I would keep the pouf too, looks so feminine in there! πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
I also like it as is, I don’t feel it needs anything more. It’s a nice clean and uncluttered work space to move around in and it looks great! Sometimes less is more. 😊

Love this so much and love you two as a couple!! I'm waiting on my new desk to be delivered so will re-do my office soon too!

Love the new office! You guys did a great job! For the mirror, maybe make the entire wall an accent wall with some metallic designs around the mirror? I think it could make a nice contrast with the rest of the vibe. xoxo

Amanda your office looks beautiful! I would suggest you live with the room how it is and see how it functions for you for about a week. Then you can decide if you need to add anything.
Where did you get the two pictures above the couch? Love those!😍

Love love love it…. you've done an amazing job!!!! Looks gorgeous amanda. I absolutely love the the pattern on the ottoman and the mirror looks amazing. I just live everything you post. Today is my last work day for the week. So looking forward to the weekend. Going to be doing some cleaning and decluttering. Will always be watching your videos. Love ya girl. πŸ’œπŸ˜ŠπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

I love it! I like the poof but feel the scale is off. I think if you add a second identical one, it would feel better. Great job!

I think it looks good and as for the long wall I think I would do floating candles on each side or small floating shelves (3 on each side) with framed pictures or canvases leaning against the wall and stack on each other… if that makes sense

Listen girl if your eyeballing method works…continue…There are more complex things in life to concern ourselves with πŸ˜‰

Try the sofa under the mirror….I bet it would look awesome to fill the wall, and to balance the mirror 😊

Hi Amanda. Okay, I'm writing this shame-faced and embarrassed. Hopefully, Kyle has only spent a minute or so on an answer to my question about that plane. I had a weird feeling when I thought about it today, so I tried to find it on YouTube where I "saw" the clip. I couldn't find it. That tells me it was probably a dream. That's not unusual for me. I have, at times, very vivid dreams. I'm afraid this may be another one of them. Please know I'm not a nut case. I apologize to you and Kyle if you've wasted any time concerning my question. Take care.

What a wonderful and inspiring makeover! I love the desk and chair (I've never seen one like that; is it comfortable?) along with your other previously owned furniture that blends together so well.
I like the pouf as it has a purpose (I can imagine Kyle or the boys stretching out and putting their feet up) but it does seem a little tiny; perhaps a small area rug, even running at an angle to balance?
As for the mirror, sometimes it takes us awhile to get used to clean bare areas; my suggestion would be to live with it awhile. In any case I agree that maybe wall sconces/candles/iron work would work by the mirror, rather than more pictures.
I think the two smaller pictures look smashing on the wall above the sofa, and pulling the sofa out a little bit might help it all come together better?
I do love your channel and get lots of inspiration for my own thing:)

I'm thinking its maybe not the mirror, I think its the couch is making it look kind of out of place. The bulkiness of the couch against that corner and to one side of the center of the window maybe got it throwed off?! It may look better in person, but soon as u walked in the room on camera my eyes didn't flow around. Everything else looks good. Love that desk! πŸ˜€

LOVE the pouf! If it wouldn't be too much "clutter" maybe try a gallery wall around the large mirror? If you wanna stay simple, I like the idea of matching macrame pieces flanking either side of it too 😊

Oh, AND I am TOTALLY using your toothpaste suggestion for hanging wall decor from now on!!! You are SERIOUSLY a life saver and have saved me and my bf lots of future arguments about hanging anything 🀣

Omg I love it it’s so perfect !! And I think next you should do the boys new rooms !! 😍😍 and I love the foot rest there !!

How about a sconce on either side of the mirror, and maybe a matching floating shelf beneath?

Everything else looks amazing!

Looks good girl!! Love itπŸ’• Add some lantern lights or hanging mason jars on either side…sorry I don't have the fancy words for thoseπŸ˜‚

Where is the very cute pick candle holder from? (The one you put in the tray on the desk but removed) it’s sooo cute! 6:35

At the end you put it back!!!

I reckon, place your poof (when not using it) on the far side of the couch, near that wall as will look like there is more furniture along that wall, then go with your long canvases, or the wreath idea below either side of your mirror πŸ˜€ maybe you could do some of those spherical glass hanging vases that hold air plants, or look like a terrarium for cacti/succulents (either from the roof, or wall either side of mirror)?

I LOVE the office makeover! 🀩 I just did an office makeover in my school room that posted this morning! I love it! We were in the same page somehow! It turned out really gorgeous!

For that questionable empty space maybe leave it empty for a spot to put seasonal decor so you can keep it looking simple while at the same time being able to change it out if you feel throughout the year?

I love love love your new office! Especially love the new desk and adore the Ottoman puff!!! I think the mirror looks fab! It adds depth to that wall, which opens the room up some more! Looks fantastic!!!

The mirror looks good on its own but you could probably add sconces on either side to give it more definition.

The plant in the corner! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’œπŸ€—β€οΈπŸ‘΅πŸΌ great teamwork

Okay so I feel stupid. When you were cleaning your mirror I couldn't figure out why you kept missing that one spot….it was on my screen….. Love the room

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