hello and welcome back to til vacuum do
us part and welcome to 2020. I’m so excited to see where year three on
YouTube is going to take us together if you’re new here my name is Ashley I
would love for you to subscribe and join my family here today I’m gonna be giving
you some what cleaning motivation and some cleaning tips I thought it would be
fun to add some tips in there as well so let’s get straight into cleaning so the
first place we’re gonna start off is in my guest bathroom and I want to talk
about a fabric shower liner I feel like this is such a good investment when I
say investment they’re not that much I’ll link one in my Amazon store down
below so just click on that link but it just saves you money and it’s less
plastic in your house you don’t have that plastic smell when it gets dirty I
just throw in the washer and dryer and then when your company comes over it
feels more like a hotel or a nice fall it’s not just plastic in there so
definitely look into fabrics shower liners my shower liner had gotten really dirty
I didn’t realize my curtain rod had dropped a little bit so you could tell
it was like soaking in the water so what’s nice I don’t have to replace it I
don’t have to spend money on plastic the one that’s just gonna get thrown away
this is better for our earth I just grabbed my shout and I spray it at the
bottom and then you’ll see me just throw it in the washer and then later I’ll
throw it in the dryer I’ll show you here in a second the products I’m using
they’re just from Sam’s clubs they are nothing special it’s just their laundry
soap and their fabric softener and then I just use shout and I do put it and
like an old method container with a label just so it looks prettier okay now
I’m gonna head back into my guest bathroom this is a fun tip that a sweet
subscriber told me about so this is what normally my toilet paper looks like it’s
fine but you can actually step it up one notch and stamp your toilet paper so
I’ve always been one to fold it when it’s on the roll for my guests I don’t
do it my bathroom all that much well I’m gonna show you how just on your little
roll if you just fold in the edges and it makes this be it’s almost like you’re
wrapping a present and I would always hang that on the paper towel roll or the
toilet paper roll and it was just nice and pretty but then a subscriber taught
me that you turn on the water faucet for a second and then you put the toilet
paper roll underneath it like right where the V meets and you hold it for
three seconds and it makes this perfect little stamp and what’s so cool is every
faucet kind of has a different design so you’ll have to try it and see what yours
looks like but I just think this is a fun thing to do four against bathroom
with people coming over it’s just that extra special touch obviously you don’t
have to do it but it’s just a fun and something okay now we’re gonna go to the other
side of the house which is my laundry room chase is so sweet we came home from
Sam’s he put my favorite towel rolls waiting for me and when I walked in
there I just started cracking up because if you guys know me this is not gonna
fly that is way too much color so my tip is okay all I’m not gonna take all of
these out of plastic because obviously I don’t want them to get dusty and dirty
but the ones that aren’t gonna be on display so I put a lot just right there
at the top of my cabinet you really don’t notice them and you just see the
white part but all the ones that are gonna be out where you can see I’m gonna
go ahead and take all the wrapping off so I do this a lot of areas on my house
I do this in my kitchen if you’ll start taking stuff out of the packaging it
looks so much nicer and neater and then you can use those items more as decor
forces happen to buy some you’re gonna see me open these up and then stack them
back up there and it’s just such a huge difference between it up there and the
plastic and up there just a nice clean white look okay and another tip if you’re like oh
no I won at my plastic I don’t want to open like that just make sure when you
stack it up kind of make them all face the same direction and where the
outsides the same frames that way it still looks more uniforms and it looks
like you did it on purpose and a-plus messy but the way it was up there we’re
somewhere forward somewhere outside down just kind of be more aware how you’re
putting things away and then when you walk into the space I promise you it
feels so much better so here’s the final look and you have to agree when you walk
into the space it’s just so much more calming it looks like it’s done on
purpose and it looks like nice decor when it’s actually just my supplies that
I have for around the house so just taking a few extra moments I’m working
on stuff like that really does make an impact now we’re gonna talk about
pillows and we’re gonna talk about tags so my first tip is when you first buy
pillows do not take the tags off because you might want to keep them for a few days
sometimes I change my mind sometimes I end up redecorating so make sure to
leave all the tags on until you’re 100% and then after that take every tag off I
know there’s even a tag that says do not remove this remove it if you’re keeping
it that’s just something that if you don’t want to keep tucking every time
you’re putting them up it looks cheap and just not well put together if
there’s tags sticking out so be sure once you’re a hundred percent get all
those tags off and then you’re not hiding those tags every time you’re
moving or they’re itchy when you’re laying on
them so got it with my neck I had bought pillars about a week ago so
that’s why I have so many tags that I’m removing and I’m so thankful that I left
them on because I kept some pillows for about two or three days and decided I
did not like it or they weren’t worth the money and they were actually $30
each so that was $60 I got to return and get
my money back versus if I had cut those tags I would have been stuck with them
or I had to resell them and I would never make that money back so definitely
keep tags on things just for a few days hold on to your receipts I know this
isn’t a cleaning tip but it’ll definitely save you money now let’s talk
about dusting I think a lot of people go wrong when they’re dusting because they
don’t dry dust first so get a dry rag out and dust off any of that loose stuff
that you can if you go straight in with a liquid or wet rag it just starts to
like gum up and get sticky or smudgy so definitely just take like a dusting rag
that’s dry wipe it off and then you can go in with the wet rag this works with
lights fans toilets basically anything that gets dusty here’s a quick look at my rag when I was
done dusting so if I wouldn’t have used that first and just used straight like
liquid or something on it I would have been smearing all of that in to the
light and then it just kind of gets streaky so that’s why you definitely
need to let it dry dust first right after I dust his facelets up high
I like to clean whatever’s below it so if it’s a fan I clean my bed if it’s
just a floor I vacuum in this case it’s my island so I want to go ahead and wipe
it down really well because any of that dust that my rag didn’t catch fell down
below plus in this case I was actually standing on my island so that I could
reach it so it’s just an idea a good idea to go ahead and get it clean right
afterwards okay and my next cleaning tip is my
favorite cleaning tip you guys hear it all the time but everything needs a home
if it doesn’t have a home in your house you need to get rid of it or get rid of
something else that way when you go to clean you’re not like oh I don’t have a
place to put it or I’ll just cram it over here I’m gonna show you into a few
spaces of my house so you can just kind of see how everything has a home
everything has a place and if it’s there’s no room for it I
either need to get rid of that item or another item for it so I know this is
hard and this takes time but once it’s done it makes cleaning it so easy it
means people can help you because it’s very clear where your items belong and
where they go and like I mentioned when you don’t have a place for things it
just starts to stack up like in a catch-all space or a dining room so
definitely just start going through your space this entire year it doesn’t have
to get done in one day work on one room at a time or one space at a time and I
promise you you will not regret it so you thinking okay now let’s talk
about dog hair um both of my dogs aren’t supposed to shed right now George may
shed a little bit but as of right now he’s just losing his puppy coat
so he’s shedding so if you have a dog that sheds I totally feel your pain one
of my biggest tips I can give you is brush them daily and it just takes a few
minutes if you’ll do it every single day and then you’re getting that fur on the
brush and in that area versus all over your furniture or your clothes so
definitely take the time and brush your dog’s day tip number two when it comes to dog hair
give them a special blanket to lay on so when I put a blanket here both of my
dogs are attracted to it and they always want to sit on it and then their fur or
smell or whatever it is stays on that blanket and I can wash that blanket as
needed but it’s not on my actual sofa so that’s not smelling and getting dirty so
definitely just work on tips like that that are helpful now let’s talk about
smell because I always get tons of questions on how I make my house smell
good and I get headaches really easy so I have to be really careful with the
products that I use for smell so the first one I use is my diffuser and
essential oils and I know a lot of you guys do not like those since I have pets
but you can do your research not all oils or bad for pets and trust me those
wall plugins are way worse with the fake like fragrances than my oils so I just
pour in some oil into the diffuser this one’s lemon that I’m using
currently I just feel like it’s a nice clean fresh scent so I drop that in turn
it on and that’ll make the whole room and living room smell amazing another way that I liked to make my home
smell good is non-toxic candles so this is anything to use with beeswax or
essential oils you can find them on Etsy I look in Ross and I’ll just read all
the labels to make sure they’re nice and healthy another way is real plants they
help with the air and getting bad odors out so those are all pretty safe ways
that you can use just to take your the smell out of the house and make sure it
smells nice and pretty the next thing we’re gonna talk about is
the vacuum I get questions all the time how I clean out my vacuums you’re gonna
see real fast it had been a while this is gross so first off I pull out as much
as I can and then I like to save all the pins that have like run out of eat and I
can put it up in there and kind of swirled around and it loosens it up you
can see it starts to pull that down and since it’s a whole pin anyways when I’m
done I chunk it and then you’re gonna see me wash my hands and then I have one
more tip about the vacuum okay now I’m gonna open it up and get
the filter out and this will be different on every vacuum I always get
asked what vacuum I use this is the LG cordless now you can go ahead and just
wash out that filter when you have time and let it air dry but I’m not gonna do
that today but a subscriber told me to put in oil into that and oh my goodness
when you have a pet this is a huge lifesaver because sometimes your vacuum
will start to smell like pets or dogs and when you vacuum it make sure how
smell that way and as soon as you add that oil it makes the room smell amazing
so I’m using the lemon one again just to make it smell fresh and clean this makes
the whole house smell amazing it lingers it makes your vacuum smell better your
house smell better I highly suggest getting the oil even if
you don’t love them just for your vacuum I don’t know how many times I’ve
vacuumed my house like an hour before people come over or Denton vacuumed
because I didn’t want to do it right before they came in cuz I was always
curious like if my vacuum had that smell now I want to vacuum before they come
over because it just puts that fresh scent out immediately like I said and
lingers so I can this is like one of my favorite tips when it comes to like
vacuum and making your house smell good it is so easy to do and so simple and
that will last for a while so it’s not just that one time you vacuum when I go
in and use it the next few days that oil is still in that filter so super easy
easy tip okay thank you guys so much for watching
I hope you enjoyed today’s video I hope you enjoyed all the tips I hope you have
a wonderful 20 20 and I’ll see you guys in the next one bye tiger No hello and
welcome back to til vacuum do its part and welcome to 2020 we’re gonna have it
so much fun just hello and welcome back to till vacuum do us part gotta work ok
thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed today’s video I hope
you enjoyed all the tips I hope you have a wonderful 20 20 and I’ll see you guys
in the next one bye


Arm & Hammer also has a carpet pet powder that I like to put on my carpet then vacuum it up in about 10 to 15 minutes and it makes the vacuum smell better when using it too.

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Oil on the filter voids your warranty on Dyson I'm not sure about LG or other brands but you can put oil on a cotton ball and into the canister part. It's safe and still smells great and you don't have to worry about warranty issues or oil staining your filter and pulling dirt/dust/debris through it.

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Another tip for the toilet paper roll I place several drops of essential oil inside the roll. It has a lingering scent that is barely noticeable!

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I buy 2 fabric shower curtains and when the inside one isnt washable anymore (we have hard water) I throw away the inside curtain and the outside one then becomes the inside one. I also hang mine back up wet.

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