My Home As Art :: 781 Burleigh Drive, Pasadena

It’s been what I like for home to reflect. Which is a lot love,
and inclusion, and entertaining… I’m Nancy Mayer Allan.
I like to use all three names. And we found this home-
This part of Pasadena we were not familiar with And this minute I saw this house (it was love),
the first day I was here. Because it was absolutely perfect for what we wanted. It had a lot of light and joy. There had been a woman here, lived into her hundreds, and she would swim every day in that pool. Which I love to do and look at the pine over there. This is just the most serene setting. The whole house allows for creativity. I’m a painter and costume designer. This home has definitely inspired my artistry.
Everywhere I look there’s… an abundance of nature. There’s color. And I just began to create more and more
art living here than I ever had before I began to look around at the blank
white walls in my hallway, and I thought, I’ll just paint those like they’re a canvas. Every window you look out is a
beautiful, private view of nature. We planted things that kind of reflect my art.
You’ll see some of the same colors. We’ve created special little places around the property, That our grandchildren in particular have
discovered to be a lot of fun. They go over to the bamboo forest.
They love the lemon trees. They love to go see my mural
that I painted to hide the pool equipment. It’s just the most
wonderful property for family. I love this home because of the light. That immediately makes me joyful. I love hearing the birds.
I love hearing the geese. I love looking at the trees and the
exotic flowers that are all around this property It’s just a very special part of Pasadena.

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