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welcome back to my channel in this video i’m going to show you the different style of growing money plants first i just take some small clay pots and big pot cut the pots like this it’s a old big terracotta pot next making plaster mixture next applying the plaster on the pot then paste and fit the small pots fitting the all small pots sealing the inside hole using plaster mixture applying the plaster paste on the neck of the pot then fit the clay pot sanding it to make the smooth surface applying acrylic paints applying gold spray paint after making the pot next filling the potting mixture into the pots and planting money plants put some white sand stones on the top soil after potting , water them thanks for watching


was beautiful congratulations but this plant grows a lot hides the beauty of the pot puts cacti and succulents I am from Brazil ….

SO COOL! But is THAT PLANT Called A PHILODENDRUN Or Also A POTHOS?? I have several plants with leaves that~ from what I can tell on this small screen~ THAT 3 of THEM HAVE LIKE 15~25 FOOT LONG VINES GROWING ACROSS A COUPLE OF MY WALLS, AND 1 WINDOW… THEY GROW LIKE CRAZY~ MAD FAST HERE! Plus I have a bunch of cuttings in 3 large vases, that ONE DAY I NEED TO PLANT. All of MY Huge Plants PLUS AROUND 5 That I've Given As Gifts, HAVE ALL COME FROM ONE MEDIUM~SMALL SIZE PLANT! If I put MY PLANTS In THAT COOL POT, It would be totally hidden behind Vines & Leaves From That Plant… OR I'd be having to Snip IT Back All The Time!

Thanks for sharing this Clever Idea!

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