I have schizoaffective disorder and I am an artist. I would love get information on applying to your exhibit. This is my Etsy page https://www.etsy.com/shop/Kaidan1Store?ref=hdr_shop_menu

it is only stalked with a few pieces, I have a lot more on my computer.

My husband is a university professor at University of Michigan and a Rhode Scholar. I have just become stabilized, and would love to try rise to his level. I don't want this disease to beat me anymore.

In modern society, many of us go through all the noise in our mind, Sometimes we find we have difficulty to stay in the present moment. How to be present turns out to be an important thing in our time.

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Stay Present exhibition is using the transformative power of art to raise your awareness of being present. It’s also trying to push the boundaries of traditional art museum exhibition, exploring a new way of interpreting artwork through creating a unique and experiential experience for you.

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