Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2018: Interior Design | I made it (Part 4)

The first object I designed and made myself was the guitar I made when I was 14 years old. My name is Peter Balko. My job is Creative Interior Design Manager at Mercedes-Benz. Coming from my interests in music and arts I’m always looking for harmony in shapes and forms. For the new A-Class interior, I developed with my designers the design of the dashboard, the doors, the middle tunnel and the seats. My favourite feature in the A-Class interior is the air vent. The appearance reminds me of an aircraft turbine engine. Good design always includes a human part in it. This could be, for example, the door handle in the car. Or it is the shape of the guitar that is comfortably lying on your knees. I think between interior designers and musicians there are a lot of links in between. You have the composition, you have the harmony. You try to create a special character, a special style of a music or a special style of an interior. I think building this first guitar is definitely one of the reasons, why I became a car designer. The strategy is to not forget that in the end it’s the expressive result that impresses people.


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I absolutely very much doubt that you and your harmony of music et cetera were the inspiration behind the interior most likely a team sat with you to get this perfected to what is. I dislike BULLSHIT. But great way to advertise fools!


Its my dream to work at mercedes head quarters…… if it is possible please reply me
Secondly.. your ads are as great as your cars

Mercedes have the best interior designer 😱 look at the A class just amazing πŸ˜†πŸ˜›

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