Meet the Red Reef Wall Mural Artists – Kristin Pavlick

Hi my name is Kristin. I’m originally from
outside of Philadelphia so it’s hard for me to say I’m from Florida but I’ve
lived in Delray for ten years. I’ve been a lifelong artist. I grew up with an
art teacher. I don’t remember life without paint so
it’s kind of, it’s been inevitable. I did a public piece of artwork for Delray so
I kind of got the public art bug just recently. So to be the first like, come on.
It’s great to see Boca participating in all of this and it’s really cool to
hop on board and there’s a lot to cultivate here and I feel like, you know,
there’s an educational element so it’s a part of my background just seem to line
up really nicely. I really want to bring it together bringing awareness and all
the things that public art can do because, you know, it can easily go
unnoticed and let’s make people look at it and notice. Let’s sort of drum it up
and put a little life into and put our stamp on it. I think that’s why we’re

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