hello everyone and welcome back to
Hannah’s happy home so in today’s video we are going to be giving the master
bedroom here at our rental a little mini makeover just to help it feel more cozy
in here help it to feel more like home right now this room feels more like a
storage room than a bedroom it’s just not very cozy in here but we are going
to change that today so we’re not gonna do a ton to this space because this is
only a temporary rental we will only be living here for a couple of months
obviously I’m not going to be going to all of the trouble to paint the walls in
our future master bedroom I want to have the walls white I think it will match
our new bed frame a lot better so if you’ve been watching my videos for the
past few weeks I’ve been saying about how we are finally going to get a bed
frame and a headboard in the mail we’ve been sleeping on a mattress on the floor
for the last month so we were super excited to finally get this bed in the
mail and this headboard and bed frame is from Article I am partnering with them
on this video so a big thank you to them for sending me the headboard and
the bed frame they are beautiful I can’t wait to show you all of the details I’ve
known about the company Article for a couple of months and I’ve always admired
their beautiful furniture and it was always my dream to own a piece of their
furniture so the fact that they sent me this bed is like a dream come true for
me first thing we’re gonna do is get some curtains hung up in here and this
is something I’ve been putting off ever since we moved in because I hate hanging
up curtains they can be so hard to hang up but I feel like that hanging up some
curtains is really going to help make this room that feel more cozy as soon as
I hung up the curtains out there in the living room it just instantly made the
room feel more cozy and if you take the curtains all the way up to the
ceiling if they’re long enough it can help the room to feel larger help the
ceilings to feel taller but there’s one exception in this room we’ve got an
interesting window situation going on we’ve got a really long skinny window to
the right and then a regular sized window to the left so I’m gonna try a
couple of different things and see if we can make the curtain work for both
windows and kind of make it look like it’s all one big window
I really don’t know how this is gonna turn out but we’re just gonna give it a
try and see what we can do and make sure that you stay tuned until the end of the
video to see how it all turns out I just wanted to say real quickly before
I start screwing stuff into the wall that we are allowed to hang up curtains
and frames different things like that on the wall here in the rental I know some
people aren’t allowed to put screws or nails into the wall when they are in a
rental but we are allowed to do that here but I’m still trying to limit how
many screws or nails I put into the wall I’m just keeping it very minimal on our
walls while we’re here just so that I don’t make a ton of holes in the walls
but I know that in some rentals you’re not allowed to put screws or nails in
the wall so if you’re in that situation and you still want to hang stuff up on
the wall then make sure that you look into command strips and especially they
make these command strips that are like velcro ones that can hold up to several
pounds and I’ve had experience with those and they seem very durable and
like they would hold up a lot of weight so definitely give something like that a
try before I hung the curtains on the wall I was trying to get all of these
cords a little bit better organized this has just been a disaster over here ever
since we moved in and plugged in all the electronics and the computer and stuff
has just been a pile of cords so I got this basket to just organize everything
into that way when you walk into the room it doesn’t look quite as bad you
can just see the basket over there in the corner and things just look a little
more neat and organized after I got the curtains hung up I
swapped out the bedding and made the bed and the curtains definitely didn’t turn
out perfect but it’s fine I’m just gonna leave them up there for the remainder of
the time that we are in this house because it was too hard to get him hung
up there and they look fine they will do for a while we’re here I will be sure
and try to link as many things from this room that I can down in the description
box like the mattress the bedding all of that kind of stuff I’ll try to be sure
and have linked now I’m going to lay a rug down on the
floor and I got this one from Ross and Ross it’s a really great place to go if
you’re looking for inexpensive cheap rugs but they’re usually pretty good
quality I didn’t want to invest in a really nice huge rug for the master
bedroom until we’re in a more permanent house and this rug is just a little bit
too small I wanted it to stick out on either side of the bed more but it’s
fine I’m just going to use it for this space while we’re here and when we get
to a next more permanent house then I will invest in a larger rug but I
thought that the colors in this rug really helped to tie in the tan on the
walls with the gray and the white because I can’t paint the walls white
and so I had to find something that would kind of pull all of those colors
together and then I hung these three frames on the wall and what I love about
these frames is that they have these little clip-on things on the back that
look almost like pins and you can actually just push them into the wall
and they are flush with the walls super easy to hang them on the wall you don’t
have to put any screws or nails in the wall which was perfect for here okay so let’s take a quick minute here
to talk a little bit about this beautiful bed that I said was said to be
my article and like I said this is a dream collaboration for me
I’ve always dreamed of owning it some article furniture so I am just so beyond
excited that they wanted to work with me and send me this beautiful bed the bed
frame and the headboard are two separate pieces and the bed frame is the body
king bed frame in walnut it is beautiful very high quality it’s got the nice
modern legs but I like that the legs are set far enough underneath the bed but
you can’t really even see them it kind of looks like the bed frame is just sort
of floating on top of the floor this beautiful headboard that they sent me is
the Sarah King headboard in raincloud gray it is so beautiful so high quality
also this headboard does mount to the wall which we haven’t done that yet and
I’m not sure if we’re gonna do that here in the rental we just want to limit how
many things were screwing into the wall like I said we’re allowed to screw stuff
into the wall here but we just want to limit the number of things that we do
screw into the wall and when we do mount it to the wall it will probably be about
like this much higher than it is now so if you’re not familiar with article it’s
an original modern furniture brand engineering remarkably better
experiences they offer free ground shipping on orders over nine hundred and
ninety nine dollars make sure that you click the link down below and go and
check out article because all of their furniture is just so beautiful it’s like
dream hops furniture they have sofas chairs table the type of furniture that
I would want to have in my dream house make sure that you go and check out all
of the beautiful pieces at article com so the very last thing that we’re gonna
do in here is to mount the lamps on the walls but I’m gonna have to wait for my
husband to get home to do that because I didn’t realize that you had to like hook
some of the wires together to like get the switch to work when you plug it in
it’s gonna be a little bit more of a big deal but once we have it all put
together and on the wall it’s going to be easy when we move we just have to
take it off the wall we don’t have to we attach wires or anything so it’ll be
easy at that point I just I’m going to need some help
to get it all set up okay so next we’re gonna hang these little lamps on the
wall on either side of the bed and I think they only take like two little
screws it doesn’t take that much to put these on the wall so we’re just going to
go ahead and do that these were sent to me quite a while back from a company
I’ll put a link for them down below they just looked really neat and I’m excited
to see how they look on the wall okay so here is how the bedroom looked
like afterwards I just gave it a little makeover nothing too crazy now it just
feels more like home in here and a little bit more cozy equally this
inspires you that no matter how temporary of a space that you’re living
in you can still make it feel like home and make it feel cozy you might as well
enjoy the time that you’re going to be there your bedroom is where you go to
relax at the end of the day so I just feel like that that should be a cozy
relaxing space and not just like a storage room like it was before
and obviously the decorations are still very minimal in here no nightstands or
anything I just don’t want to have a ton to have to pack up when we go to move I
hope that you enjoyed this video today and that it gave you some inspiration
and motivation give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and leave me a comment
down below also don’t forget to subscribe if you are new and a big thank
you again to articl for partnering with me on this video this bed frame the
headboard will both be linked down below you guys can go and check it out you


You are doing a great job making it your home without doing permanent changes! I love all you have done so far.

Hey hannah so happy to see you uploaded so happy you finally got your bed I know you been waiting on it we miss u girl

Hello there Hannah, happy new year!! I'm so glad your making the temporary situation feel alittle more like home. I know it's tough sometimes but you always have the best outlook on any situation. I love what you did to the room and it looks amazing. So glad your able to feel alittle more at home. Have a wonderful week. Sending blessing and good vibes your way.

Oh wow, that is amazing that they sent you that bed frame and headboard! Cannot wait until my channel gets big enough to do sponsorships and brand deals!!! Ahhh!! πŸ’•

I LOVE that bed and headboard!!🀩Those frames with the built in tacks are so cool, where did you get them? Also, love that mirror!!πŸ‘ŒπŸ»Great bedroom makeover.. simple but pretty!🌸

You definitely have a talent for making a cold and empty space turn into a warm and inviting room. I can’t wait to see what you do with your permanent home. Well done.

I absolutely love this, it turned out so good . You are doing such a good job turning this temporary rental into a home. I'm excited to follow your journey to your forever home. 🏑 That was a smart trick with the curtains πŸ˜‰

The room turned out amazing!! I know it will look better once you have a perminet home. Love your videos! Also a question, where did you get your overall dress that you were wearing in the video?

You’ve got great taste! If you weren’t so busy, I’d say, interior decorating would be a great career choice for you.

The bedroom looks so nice!! I know you are glad to get your bed off the floor! The headboard and frame are so pretty!

Just wanted to say gm dear. Love watching you. Plus wanted to tell you that i did use ur code for simply earth and my first box is on its way. I am soooo excided. Ty so much 😘😘

Such a comforting room. Sometimes we put off projects because they will not be complete or perfect, but your bedroom truly demonstrates how simple changes have huge impact.

Love the new bed! The room looks so homey now! I am in the market for a new dining table and chairs and this is the first time I’ve heard of Article. We usually hit the furniture store that’s near us, but I think I will take a look at Article and see what they have. Thanks for sharing!! 😊❀️

What a dream collab 😍😍 love your new bed! The rug really ties the room together. Great job πŸ‘πŸ½β˜ΊοΈ

Hannah you did a great job on minimally decorating your bedroom to make it sooooo cozy!! Hope you have a great week!!

Your bedroom turned out so nice! I love it. It can be so hard to make things exactly how you want it when you're renting. Definitely felt inspired to redo my own rental space <3

You are doing such a great job,the bedroom looks cozy, We were in the same phase of life at one time. we lost everything in a flood. it required trust in God and faith and patience, we had 4 kids we got a rental waiting to purchase our home, trying to make it look and feel like a home was a task, but God had a great plan. He is so good. and your blessing is around the corner. you are a real inspiration. Gods favor and blessing be on ya'll.

So pretty!!! ❀ You should not hurry to find a new place to live, wait for the right one instead. Thank you for the inspiration 😍🀩😍

Those white picture frames really brighten up the room! You did a wonderful job making this rental look homey ❀️

youre doing a great job! I can understand why you don't want to do a lot since you wont be there long. Its hard sometimes looking for a new home or land when there doesn't seem to be much available. It will come to you in Gods timing! I love watching your videos they are inspiring and motivating! I hope my channel helps inspire and motivate people as much as yours does.

The Headboard is Absolutely Beautiful. It's simple yet elegant. Your home looks Great so far. I look forward to watching you progress into your forever Home & watching you decorate it.

That is a really odd window situation but you managed to make it work. I can’t imagine why they put such an odd window in

Great job Hannah, everything look so nice. Do you think you might be there longer? You’ve done a wonderful job for this place.

Love the makeover , looks so nice and cozy. You do such an amazing job!
I have a question, A while back you posted a question and answer video where you shared your favorite Bible verse. I believe it was Psalms 46. I was trying to look for that video and I couldn’t find it. Do you know if that video is still available to watch? Thank you so much. πŸ™β€οΈ

🀩 wow, your room turned out amazing just with a few new items. Thanks for sharing πŸ˜‰πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

When you did an empty rental tour I wasn’t sure how it could possibly look homey. You completely made the impossible very much so possible 😍 everything looks amazing

You have the most unique windows I've seen. Any ideas on the purpose of those tall, skinny windows? Is it just to allow more light in or is there another reason?

I'm so happy you were sent that beautiful headboard and frame. It always amazes me how God answers our prayers, even these "small" ones. May you enjoy your time in this home before the next season of your lives.

Hi Hannah
I am so very sure that this house feels like home to you and your family. Bravo! Warm thoughts I send your way Raquel πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™ŠπŸ€—

Happy 2020 Hannah πŸ’
I know I am just a follower but I feel like we're friends πŸ™ˆ it is so crazy to connect with people that truthfully you do not talk talk too. I secretly hope you guys build, it will prolly be more of a headache but I can not wait to see you design a bigger space πŸ’œ

You have no idea how much you inspire my life thru your videos. I know this is a job for you, but I see a ministry. God bless you and your beautiful family.

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