Making Beaded Window Valances : Beading Curtain Tiebacks

Okay tape down your divider and take the two
bottom strands and tape them out of the way. Just tape them down to your table to keep
them out of the way. And then take the top two strands and since we’re using two strands
I’m going to tie just a very simple knot at the end here to keep those together and make
it a little bit easier. You want to make sure though that your beads will go over this knot.
Don’t do this if tying the knot is going to stop your beads from going on. Okay that will
just hold the two pieces together and make our beading a little bit easier. And trim
them even. Now we’re ready to start our beading. It?s a good idea to choose your clusters and
lay them out before you start stringing your beads. We’re going to be stringing our beads
with a crimp bead on either side of the clusters to hold them in place. So first you want to
start by putting a crimp bead on your strand and slide that all the way down to the position
where you want to put it. Now if you use your needle nose plier to sort of grasp the crimp
you can slide it back and forth before you crimp it to get the proper position. And when
you’re in your proper position then you give it a good squeeze and crimp that down tight
and then add your cluster beads. And then finish off your cluster with another crimp
bead. And you just push it up you know to hold the cluster together and then crimp that
bead down nice and tight. And then add another crimp bead on before you start your next cluster.
Again find your position for the crimp bead by just holding on to it with the needle nose
plier. And when you’re in position then you give that a good squeeze and if it gets away
from you have to catch it. Give it a good squeeze and then we’ll add our next cluster
beads. And finish off again with a crimp bead.

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