Making ART With FAN MAIL?!

So this video is either going to be very offensive to some of you or very offensive to a few of you. So I will get started on a apology video. In all seriousness this video is not supposed to be offensive. I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s all in good fun and for the Arts. As a youtuber with a P.O. box I get a lot of amazing fan mail.
So much pain mail that I have covered an entire wall in my office of amazing fan art. I love my fan mail. You guys are seriously amazing. But it just gets to the point where there’s only so much Fan art and fan mail that I can display on my walls and to be honest I’ve got boxes and boxes and boxes of fan art and fan mail So I feel bad having these letters and art just sitting around in a box never to be seen again in my closet. And I thought as an artist it would be really cool to make a collage and put a lot of this art and Fan letters and stuff into a piece of work and I’m super excited to get creative with something that’s a little different than usual and it’s kind of like a collaborative piece between me and my subscribers. So… Don’t be offended. I’m really proud of this art and I think it’s really fun. And thank you guys for sending me mail! So what do you guys say we get started. We are making art with fan mail. So going into this project I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do as far as what I was actually going to be drawing or crafting or paper collaging. Collaging? Is that a word? I was reading some of these old letters and obviously the gist of most of these letters is going to be me which seems so self-centered and I really hate that the subject of this art is going to be me but it is what it is. There were a couple of silly letters about other subjects like my ants ore my original characters. One of them was even a recipe for a green tea cake. So I thought “Am I going to make some desserts?” but in the end I decided to just be very Self-centered and make a self-portrait of myself and see where we went from there. I had a very generic sketch of myself easily drawn so that I could cut it out in paper But I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do as far as incorporating the fan mail. At this point I was definitely planning on winging it for the most part but once I had the sketch finished I wanted some more tips and tricks on paper cut collage art. So before jumping right in I went to the sponsor of this video Skillshare. If you don’t know what SkillShare is, it’s an online learning community with thousands of classes to explore covering any creative skill you can think of. I have learned so many new artistic skills from a character design to painting. This time I wanted to focus on putting together a collage and I especially enjoyed Di’s digital collage cut out course, which inspired me to focus on simple shapes and fun colors that really popped. She even turned her cute shapes into a digital pattern, which is something I’m definitely going to have to check out later. SkillShare is super affordable. An annual subscription is less than $10 a month and you can sign up with the link in the description for a two month free trial. I mean it. Free. You might as well go out there and learn something, right? So now that I was feeling a little more inspired and educated it was time to start cutting out some shapes. So the first thing I did was get this huge pack of patterned paper because I thought it would be really interesting to not only play with bold shapes, but also bold colorful patterns. I think it definitely adds a little personality and interest to these otherwise plain shapes and this is definitely something I want to play around with even more.
Some more paper cutout art. I love to play around these patterns and go outside of my comfort zone of more flat washed looks, so that was definitely a focus on this piece. Not only that but I was really inspired by Di’s simple and carefree way of cutting out shapes for her collages. So I tried to get that sort of jagged look with my face, but I immediately caved in I just I couldn’t go without Smoothing so you can teach me to collage, but you can’t teach me to stray from my own stylistic tendencies, apparently. So this is where the first of the fan mail bits started to make appearances. I was going to get so the white of my eyes just using a plain white piece of paper and I went ahead and Made my mouth with strips of black for the teeth And this is what I realized after cutting out the eyeball. The eyeball I used a letter on some lined paper with a light crayon or colored pencil for the writing so that wasn’t too Distracting from the white of the eyeball. Too much pattern in the eyeball and it probably would have looked like I was an absolute Psycho. So going with a more light Handwriting look was definitely the best option. So I really liked the way the I looked and that’s when I realized I could actually use the lines of the paper Itself for the teeth of my mouth instead of cutting out little strips of black I took advantage of the texture that was already in the Fan mail And I was really happy with the way that looked. It’s just a very subtle and easy on the eye teeth line pattern and just using that same white for different parts of the illustration was just… It turned out really well, and I was really happy with that. Now I do have to say the first cut into the Fan mail really hurt my heart But what came next really made me kind of sad until I realized I’m turning this fan mail into something that isn’t just going to be sitting in my closet. Like I mentioned earlier these are treasured letters and art from you guys and I will always appreciate it but it just seems so sad that it’s just sitting in my closet in a box when I could turn it into a collaborative piece between me and you and I could actually look at it and just turn it into something I think is really cool and special to me. So all that being said, yes, I ripped that letter right in half and I hesitated for so long because it did kind of it kind of felt sad But I do really like the way it turned out that strip that rip and each piece being on either side of the paper or the canvas I just think that turned out really nice and that was my first addition to our background. And like I said, I went into this not even knowing how I was going to arrange the fan mail But I went ahead and glued that piece down and finished my head. I just used different Browns with different patterns. I think my head turned out really nice It was kind of looking rough at first, but as I stacked the paper in different ways I think it really came together and was really cute. And it was at this point that I decided I was just going to have my head floating in the middle of the page with the thin mail all around me and just not even do a body or neck or arms or anything. I felt like it was going to be too distracting from the focus of it being fan mail. And honestly I guess I made my head a little too big once I got into adding more and more fan mail to the piece and I ran out of room. So the body was just unnecessary and boring and I just got really excited about adding that letters and Mail throughout the piece. So after I had my head complete I wanted to put a different color behind me just because the black seemed a little dull a little plain and this is when I got the idea to add some more pieces that weren’t just fan letters but also fan mail I had gotten. I did want to keep two less personal illustrations so illustrations of me, my characters like hatch. I was still really hesitant to use those in this collage but I used other pieces that were bold and held a lot of colorful aspects or even personal things like simple ant Illustrations, a cactus, things that added lovely pops of color but still had personal touches from you guys. So at this point it was definitely time to just focus on creating our piece and putting all these little bits and pieces together. So before gluing anything down I cut out pieces of letters, I put in art, I was basically just arranging things in ways that I found visually interesting but also still was able to show the fan letters while still holding what they are, A letter to me. Something that I can still read but also incorporating them in an artistic way. This very much gives me a scrapbook vibe or just a page that you had put together in middle school or just something full of memories and little ticket stubs and receipts from adventures you may have gone on. And overall I think that’s just a really good vibe or just feeling I guess that this art piece holds.
It definitely makes me think of my childhood and I’m sure a lot of you who write to me are definitely on the younger age. So this piece just seems very nostalgic and full of memories and inspiration and I had so much fun putting this together. After I got past that first ripping the letter in half I definitely felt a little better. Still kind of do feel a little guilty for ripping up letters but I turn this into something that I can definitely look at and isn’t in my closet anymore. It’s fun. It’s abstract. It’s full of memories and inspiration from you guys and I I had a lot of fun with this project. And don’t worry. I did scan the things I used so that I would still have a digital copy. So here it is our finished collaborative fan mail art piece! [Music] And that is that for today’s video. I am honestly super happy with how this collage piece turned out. It was just really interesting. A different way for me to work and think about art and shapes and simplicity but also working with pieces that you guys have sent me it was so much fun to have this little collaborative piece that I’m really happy and can’t wait to frame it and put it on my wall somewhere. And of course a huge Thank you to Skillshare for sponsoring this video. I’ll see you guys the next one. Stay golden. Bye! [Music]


Hey I think this is a really nice idea and if it was my fan letters ripped and put into this piece, I wouldn't be offended… I'd be cheerful to know u store some part of me on your wall ~

I think this is a super cool idea of what to do with all the letters and fan mail you don't have room to display! I hope nobody is too offended, because you've created something that beautifully captures the spirit of the pieces you used 😀

This is an amazing idea since it’s unique and you make an art piece with everyone included – FAN ART got to the next level and got a new GOLDEN MEANING!!!!!

I would be not offended if you cut out just a piece of a fan mail like a small paper part but the whole thing.. a person who really loves you, wrote it to only see it destroyed. And to be honest one of my friends send you a P.O box, thank God it didn't get destroyed

Is your end phase from “the outsiders” stay golden.😍 I’ve been watching your show videos for a while, I’m still new in a way, I was here before the ants though. And I love them, they are so cute. But I’ve always wondered that. I love that you say it though, it’s uplifting in a way. Because it brings back memories from “stay golden pony boy, stay golden”😭💜 I love your art and you are inspiring, keep it up, can’t wait for you to publish a book with your art, I’d buy it and read it to my baby cousins. I also love your OCs! I want to try to make some OCs but I feel like they always look too much like what my sisters OCs look like… I’m still trying!🤗💜 Okay my rants over, love you!🤗💜

Honestly this is such a beautiful thing you have done, it really shows how much you care about ur fans, love you girl :3

I mean as long as you scaned a copy idc what you do with my fanmail 💜💜💜💜🐜
Idk why people would get mad when you're giving their letter a repurpose to be art instead of being in a box in the closet

Have you ever drawn something of camera that turned out really good and regretted not filming?(btw I love u)❤️❤️

I'm sorry but it's kinda funny. Kasey: hey guys I'm going to tare up all of your hard work and letters to me to make a picture of myself and also here's a sponsor from skillshare.

I love this idea! It's and awsome idea to actually incorporate your Community in your artwork! I would also see it as an honour that something I made was used to create art.

I would love to send you fanmail. Maybe a subscription box of supplies to do your own challenge. I would love it if you made a funny drawing from my letter. I love your illustrations. My brother is an illustrator and your art gives me something i can share with him.

OML this is so cute!!!!I've never sent fan mail to you but i wish i could ^^
i think these people shall be honoured with what their pieces now are!!!Im a really big fan,hope we can get to see you again on the KGA!i love that place 😀
-okay welp peace outtt

This is beautiful and a good idea but I still cringe knowing how much work and time got put into the original pieces and how it’s being lost forever

I have an idea! You know how schools turn all of the picture day photos into a collage that shows the school building? Why not scan all of the letters and art and turn it into a mosaic of Hatch or of an ant colony?

Don't apologize for tearing up our letters. I'm just glad you found a creative use for them that isn't going to be collecting dust in the back of a closet.

A bunch of people should draw one of her characters and then she can tear a piece of that character and put them together to make the full character-
Just my idea tho qwq

if you’re gonna do more collages with fanmail then i gotta send you some, with different pens and coloured paper 😀 this way you get a fun letter and some cool patterns to use ^^

I like this idea! I guess the only thing I hope is that you put their names somewhere on the piece, or even on the back (I haven’t finished the video so if she does this then let’s just ignore I said anything) or at least take a photo of the fan mail before cutting it up so you could still have them, but that’s just me honestly

This kind of thing makes me MORE inspired to send you fan mail, because it would be amazing to have I the a part of a piece like this

I would definitely send you fanart however I live in Australia and I feel like it would take so long to get to you i would forget about it :/

Want to be apart of my NEXT fan mail art? It’s going to be BIGGER and BETTER! Think… 36×48 big. Send me mail with a note saying you want to be in the next art piece!

Kasey Golden
PO Box 39021 RPO James Bay
Victoria, BC V8V 4X8

It's a really great idea and honestly, it's waaaay better and understandable use of fan mail. I mean, it's nice ti have something like that but after a read or a look, it just lays there and it's much more fun for us to see that you did something creative with it 😉

to think that a fan sent you mail, to show appreciation and in time it turned basically into a collab, I bet those fans are honered and super happy!

For one video I think you should draw famous people ( Billie Elish, Freddie Mercury, or Shan Mendez) in your own style.

anyone who gets salty over this. just think. kasey makes youtube videos and art. her creations are the reason people are her fans and in turn why people want to send fan mail. instead of it sitting in a box somewhere, the mail and other things are being used for the exact thing you like in the first place: a video! i think this is a fun concept, and really shows that kasey values what you give her. still salty? go somewhere else because you cant change what's already been done.

Kasey: So many people are gonna take offense to it.


I love that this community is so supportive and nice.

This is such a great idea and the fact that you scanned them first is great. This way you can enjoy them they way they are intended to be used and also do something collaborative as well!

I've always wanted to send something but have never gotten around to it cause I want to draw pieces for it, this kinda motivated me tho. Not for the possibility of it getting on camera, but I wanna add to the love, positivity and support sent to you. Loved the video as usual!

It’s not offensive at all Kasey! I think it’s such a wonderful idea. I personally would be honored to be part of your art.

This super off topic but Kasey is so pretty. Makeup is wonderful but it's equally nice to see someone I admire not wear much, especially as someone who doesn't wear a lot of it myself. 🙂

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