At the Jeffan Showroom I’m with Liz
Marie Galvan she’s with Liz Murray blog and she’s never been to a market before
this was a great experience for her to come to the Atlanta market and see all
the things that behind-the-scenes is done
for the type of store she has and for lots of stuff that she does and if you
don’t follow her blog you should so first of all thank you for joining me
thanks for having me talk first about your blog and what it how it came about
and what it’s all about. Yeah so I’ve bog daily at and
we blog about our 1800 farmhouse our farm life lifestyle everything in
between. And it came about my husband was deployed and I was in school for
interior design and decided to start a blog ten years ago so here we are it’s
now my full-time job and we have a lot of fun with it. You’ve also just
launched a new book tell us about it it’s called cozy white
cottage and it is a hundred tips to love the feeling of being home so it’s just
really simple easy tips on how to make your home cozy so I always describe my
style as cozy cottage farmhouse everything is cozy but we’re not
technically like a just a farmhouse vibe and what people think of it so I add
that cottage element in there because it is eclectic so can you give us three top
tips if you want to make your home cozy yeah so number one would of course be to
add a lot of texture think baskets and different metals and mirrors a texture
that people don’t think of in glass and things like that really think of every
vignette or every place in your home and think texture another one is to really
play off of your paint colors I know a lot of people really want like bright
walls and things like that but really think of your paint colors and think of
those white paints and you can really play off them and add a color and your
pillows and accessories like candle holders and
things like that another one is bringing the outdoors in I love adding greenery
to every space whether it’s faux or real a lot of rooms can’t really handle the
real plants without sunlight things like that but really think of adding greenery
to every space to add that cozy element many people think they can’t live in a
white house you have a new baby I live with white all the time talk
about the ease of living in white if that’s a little color you love yeah if
it’s a color you love I definitely don’t want you to live with white if you
don’t love it but honestly we have found some great ways like having all of our
furniture really be either wipeable or slipcovered that’s been a lifesaver
we also have a lot of dogs inside our home things like that we also have our
painted floors that are white but if you use like porch and floor paint it’s
really easy to clean and using a color that’s not stark white it may be like a
beige color or something more off-white it hides a lot more than you think you
talked about having in your store everything from that farmhouse to that
mid-century modern very wide spread talk about how you incorporate all of those
maybe not in the same home maybe sometimes you do how kind of those all
come together yeah and I think that’s with the cottage vibe that I love so
much I like things to be more eclectic and so I like taking a lot of new items
and then maybe adding one vintage item into that vignette and it just amps it
up and amps up the cozy factor and I think that’s what we do in our store too
we have a lot of different vendors with a lot of different styles and we found
with styling all the items together they just work really well together and it’s
that equation of adding like two new items with one antique item it just is
instant cozy many consumers have spoken with us about
not understanding happen there be so many colors of white how do you help or
give consumers information about which white is right for them it’s this is so
hard because everyone’s house is so different it’s really interesting our
floor color in our home is called tapestry beige and in my neighbor’s home
it looks purple on her walls so you really have to look at the undertones
and you really have to sample them in your home because what works in my home
may not work in your home but really look at the undertones and really
understand what colors work in your home do big swatches on the wall live with it
for a few days don’t just randomly pick a paint color because a blogger said so
really test it out and live with it your home first and one of the things that
people have said to me is be sure and look at not only whites but all colors
in different lights whether it’s sunlight or evening your florescent your
lights on and off really yeah that’s with living with it
with a few days look at it in different times of day different light bulbs with
things like that really live with it and study it and see if it works for your
home reminders your blog again Liz Marie And you should follow it it’s

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