Lights For Halloween Decorations! Haunted House Ideas

Hi everyone this is Eric with MagicLight. In this video I’m going to show you how to use your magiclight bulbs to
make your house or your haunted house look a lot more spectacular. Like this. For the first bulb I have my Wi-Fi
spotlight or floodlight. This one’s going to be the brightest. This is good if you
have a larger area you want to illuminate and I’m gonna go ahead and
set this one to a solid color. I’m going to go into my magiclight app pull
it up and let’s go ahead and select a nice orange color and next I have my
Wi-Fi triangle bulb this is great it’s a little bit smaller so if you do want to
put this one in a lantern you can and for this one I’m gonna go ahead and
select the color green. Let’s put that in the lantern and lastly I have a
Bluetooth bulb that’s hiding behind the gravestone back there and for this one
I’m gonna go ahead and put a strobe light so let’s go and turn it on and
right now you can see it illuminating like a blueish purple but if I go into
my functions I can go ahead and find the either a white strobe or purple strobe
so let’s go and do the purple strobe and you can adjust the speed setting now you
can get that cool strobe effect and if you guys don’t have a fog machine that’s
fine just add extra cobwebs and that will help reflect the light from your
Magiclights or you can also use decorations that are lighter in color
like a skull and that will help reflect some of the colored light so thanks so
much for watching if you guys do have any questions please leave them in the
comments down below and if you found the video helpful
we always appreciate those thumbs up thanks so much for watching and I added
links to all the bulbs that I used in this demonstration in the description
down below


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