“Lead, Kindly Light” HK Mission 2019 December

We are now in Hong Kong with Ting Ting et Marie-Anastasia here We would introduce to you, our 3rd exhibition in Hong Kong Exhibition and mission the 3rd exhibition within last 4 years The exhibition lasts from 15th December 2019 to 18th January 2020 The exhibition is called “Lead, Kindly Light”, named from a poem of Cardinal Newman This message is very important for HK people nowadays The situation in HongKong has been really difficult since 2019 June until now… Protest, fight, violent… And also all the division between people, also within the Church So we decided to do this exhibition, even facing all difficulties It has been a real challenge and struggle You must have heard about what’s going on in HK these last months has been so difficult for the people living here… In last months, almost all activities were cancelled specially for activities towards Christmas the new year, and probably for the coming months there was a lot hesitation about if we should really do anything We are convinced that we really should do something The challenge was, to search for a venue that’s possible to open for people to coming also to search for a way to decorate the setup for the exhibition… It takes a huge amount of work And it was well done, it’s a real miracle Art as a medium to encourage people, and for Christians as well Try to search for the light, the inner light that God always put into our hearts even in very difficult time we we are facing a lot of challenges One of the special characteristics of this exhibition is that, there is not only my artwork but also with 10 other local artists we met these artists from different occasions in different previous activities and events We see that they really have a good spirit to work they really want to offer something to God with art, beauty and spirituality The preparation of artwork became more serious since last September they put themselves to work, week after week to produce these artwork that wanting to give some light to people in their city but also, it was a process of inner working within them In all these difficult situations, where is God? that’s what they want to transmit by their artworks that’s the message we hope to convey through this exhibition So, an exhibition would be a good chance for a deadline to allow everyone working in themselves and for their artworks It is also the first time for us to work with Salesian office All you see here, originally is a youth center So, with the Diocesan Communication team, HKDAVC We have transformed this ordinary activity room into a magnificent exhibition hall so that the people who come to visit can enter into prayer In this exhibition hall, there is different space there is the display of paintings, and also prayer corner So that for the people who come, can enter into prayer to go deeper into meditation All these, is like our dream comes true to connect different space together for the visitors to experience something strongly in their hearts But also, it’s a space for their expression and a pace for prayer so, as you can see, from the exhibition hall, we can enter into this little workshop space people can find some painting stands and drawing boards they can make use of different tools, different techniaues the charcoals Chinese ink, most HK people are very familiar with brushes, water colours, acrylic colours they can get them and find a space to draw take time to pray, to reflect, to express… to digest in their hearts, what has been happening these days People started to leave us their drawings and you can see, we just make an art wall to display them there were children who expressed… some are from adults, to draw something that they are grateful for a painting as a praise to God a drawing to express blessings for others to show their hope for Hong Kong, or to pray for their city you can see all these nice works some other have kept their work Many people shared that they had a strong experience here I remember that I saw a woman entered into this workshop she started to draw, and she cried… she keep drawing, and slowly her heart found peace, she found the presence of God she had a blessed time here We have organised different activities First, an opening ceremony of the exhibition, with the blessing of Bishop Joseph Ha Bishop Ha also joined us for an evening music prayer with youth We have also invited Cardinal Zen he talked about the conscience, from the teaching of Cardinal Newman Cardinal Zen explained the poem of Cardinal Newman “Lead, Kindly Light” and taught us how to search for the inner light in such a difficult period like in Hong Kong All the weekends, there is recollections or art-jamming People could experience the meditation the Bible, and express their spiritual experiece in art also it is a quality time for them to take distance from daily life, to reflect and examine their hearts Because there were so many incidents happened in HongKong things happened in exterior environment, or in people’s inner hearts It is so important to offer them a space for people to process and reflect and to experience a time with God What is even more amazing, is that, our Brother Christopher, who is originally from Hong Kong who can speak perfect Cantonese and English He joined us for one month for this mission He has assisted and made this mission more completed with all his music animation during this time It is a huge gift for us His music brings us deeper spiritual experience but the songs, the music… He has animated a “guided tour” of the paintings, explained by Ting Ting it is like “sound and light”experience by lighting up some paintings Ting Ting leads people to meditate in front of the paintings And Christopher improvises piano music to accompany the meditation Meditation and music, it brings a wonderful outcome for people who joined this journey, they experience the consolation from God Besides the exhibition here, we also did a street mission for Christmas We went to an Island in Hong Kong called Cheung Chau Sr Marie-Anastasia did a live painting on street, and who she paints Christopher and some local musicians performed music It’s really cool the event brought beauty and joy for the people walking by, for tourists… we were children really enjoyed watching it In this present situation of Hong Kong So many noises, conflicts, We really need a space to rest our souls and allow us to bring all these suffering to Jesus We are glad that we made it After each visit, people shared: “Oh, it has been long time I didn’t experience peace.” or, “there is really a light, a hope that I feel” we could keep this light and hope, take it with us so that we could go on in next coming months People feel consoled All these, is purely Grace of God even we have invested so much effort into the work and mission we can never guarantee the outcome and we could never plan that the fruits of the exhibition could come until this point so, it is a great gift for us to see all these effect Today is the last day of the exhibition to look back, we have lived through a very crazy month we have “panda eyes” now… but we can never do all these alone We have also worked with the DAVC team who offered so much for the setup the installation of this beautiful exhibition hall to make it into a beautiful space of arts and prayer It is a miracle… we have been working crazily And we could finish this sharing by a quotation No, it was not a Bible verse but from Picasso The purpose of art is to washing the dust from daily lives It is our little drop of water offering for HongKong See you next time! We will keep you updated of our mission, God Bless you!

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