Last night in New York [Jung Haein’s Travel Log/ENG/2020.02.22]

(They arrive at their very last hotel) Wow. (This hotel room has a story behind it) (2 days ago, they played ghost leg) (As he furiously rapped) (He won the room with a view of the Niagara Falls) Some people are just bound to be successful. (Here’s the room with a view of the Niagara Falls) (Feeling jealous to the maximum) Hold on. Come here. (What did he see?) You can see the entire view from here. (Captivated by the view outside the window again) This is amazing, isn’t it? (All the country boys are excited) My gosh. What is it? (What is the view outside the window?) (The view exudes a nice vibe at night) Gosh, given the view… (He thinks it’s unfair as he gets the view of the wall) Come here. Come here. This is amazing. There’s a Ferris wheel. (A fancy night view of the city unfolds) You can see both the waterfalls and the city. – Since I won the city view… / – Yes. I can see this view. What a relief. – What a relief. / – I should only stare at the wall? – Yes. The wall view. / – The wall. I get the waterfall view, and you get the wall view. – Sure. / – But I get the city view. I won’t leave the room. If we all sleep here, I can sleep over there. That’s a big bed. Actually, we did play a game for this. We came all the way on a trip together. I want our memories to last long, so I got everyone the waterfall view. Same for you too. (He got everyone the waterfall view) (Thank you, Haein, my savior) (He has nothing to give him but a hug) For a night here, we can spend it with the view of the Niagara Falls. He’s been giving us presents… – From start to finish. / – Gosh, Producer Jung. (Hooray for Producer Jung!) I can’t let you stare at the wall. (Their 8th day and the last day of their trip) (And it’s their last dinner) What is this? (A table full of food) – I’m happy to just stare at it. / – Me too. I didn’t have a chance to eat a lot… – Because I had to watch my weight. / – Right. (What? You ate four burgers for one meal) I should eat as much as I want today. That’s why I’m wearing stretchy pants. – Really? / – Yes. – There’s no limit. / – That’s nice. – Shall we get started then? / – Yes. Cheers. To celebrate the end of our trip. I won’t clink my glass then. – Why not? / – I don’t want this to end. Every event has an end. – After that, there’s a new start. / – Right. – Cheers. / – Cheers. (Cheers to their new beginning) (It tastes awesome) Shall we start, Hyounsoo? (Eating the last dinner) Shall we? (He has a bite at lightning speed) I love this soup. The tomato soup. (Tomato soup) (This is it) (They focus on their meal and gobble up the food) Jonggeon, there’s rice in it. How interesting. They usually add noodles and rice in it. – But that’s unique. / – I’ve seen one with pasta. But never with rice. (It’s totally right up his alley) This is like rice soup. (He meets a similar dish to rice soup abroad) Try it. I’m serious. It’s a tomato rice soup. – Right? / – Hyounsoo, it tastes like rice soup. – I swear. / – No way. (The youngest has a spoonful) I’ve never had this soup with rice. Right? – Somehow, it does. / – Isn’t it good? – It tastes like rice soup, doesn’t it? / – Yes. They serve good food here. Isn’t it good? I got garlic… – And tomatoes. / – We’re such Koreans. All of us brought a lot of garlic. I took about 10 cloves of garlic. Garlic and tomatoes taste good together. – Cherry tomatoes. / – With the cherry tomatoes? (You can trust Producer Jung’s recipe) (Enjoying his satisfying meal as always) Goodness. Why are you sighing all of a sudden? – You’re sad it’s ending, right? / – Yes, I’m very sad. To be honest, I’m really sad especially today. I was really happy, so I’m sad just as much. Do you know what’s interesting? During our trip… Even if you go on a trip with your close friends, you’re bound to fight at least once or twice. I was never upset. But I’m curious about you guys. (Were there disappointing moments?) I’m thinking right now. I think I should have one, but I can’t think of one. To tell you the truth, it’s hard not to have complaints. (He feels the same way) That’s so interesting. So… I mean, we had fun on the trip. Here’s what I’m really curious about. The first feeling I had after arriving, the first breath of the air and the first view I faced. A lot of days have gone by since then, but I still vividly remember them. (He can still vividly remember those moments) Sorry. It’s okay. Can I ask you about a place? – We visited many places. / – Yes. What is the place you would like to visit again? Personally, it has to be Stardust. (Jonggeon picks the musical restaurant) (The aspiring musical actors and actresses) (Who are dreaming of performing on Broadway) (Served food and sang at the restaurant) (They totally lost control) (Their performances were full of passion) – Can you tell us why? / – Yes, why? (Well, you know) There doesn’t have to be a reason. (Jonggeon begins to tear up) (He’s surprised) (Why are you crying, Jonggeon?) Hold on. (The New Yorker who was always full of energy cries) – Why? Why are you crying? / – Wipe them with this. Are you taking turns to cry? (He’s joking around as he’s flustered) Why did you choose the restaurant? (What does the musical restaurant mean to Jonggeon?) I want to show great acting and put on a great show. Sometimes, I wish that I could. But there are a lot for me to learn and there are things I’m not good at. I’ve been indifferent toward my weakness so far. (Jonggeon in a play) (For 15 years, he’s been performing as a minor role) (Jonggeon is still trying to be an actor) But Haein always… Treated me as his equal. (They first met in a movie, “The Age of Blood”) (Haein respected Jonggeon as a colleague) (Although his role was minor) A close friend of mine has been trying for 15 years. I don’t want to tell him to cheer up. It’s obvious that he’s trying to do his best. (He’s been quietly cheering him on for a long time) (I don’t like the word, “obscure”) (Everyone has a name) (It’s just that some people’s names aren’t known yet) (From an interview by Haein) I was grateful. (Jonggeon is sharing his feelings) For a second, I wish that I could be an actor who could sing and have fun on a stage. As I was imagining that, I looked at Haein’s eyes. I noticed that he was looking at me. He said, “Jonggeon, isn’t this fun?” (A heartwarming gaze of his friend who rooted for him) So for a second, I felt like I was on the stage. In that moment, I felt like I was a cool actor too. – Sorry for making this serious. / – No. (He shares a story from his heart) You didn’t do that. Goodness, this is embarrassing. That was strong. – That was a strong story. / – What is yours, Hyounsoo? This kind of strong and memorable place? I would like to pick the Niagara Falls. (Hyounsoo picks the Niagara Falls) I want to visit there again. It was a magnificent view. – The Niagara Falls? / – Yes. Putting that aside, today, I thought that I got close to you guys the most today. As for you, Haein, you’re a famous actor. – And… / – This is driving me crazy. I don’t like this kind of story but go on. I’ll listen. After we came on this trip together, we were together all day, and we talked to each other a lot. And that helped me feel closer to you guys. After I spent time with you today at Niagara Falls and had lots of fun together, I found myself thinking completely differently about you guys. You always treat me comfortably like I’m just a normal friend. But I was foolish. Being honest is not foolish. I don’t think that’s true. That’s how I felt about the trip. That’s why you want to come back to Niagara Falls? Yes. Can I ask you who you want to come back with? I’ll just put it like this. I want to come back with people I’ll meet in the future and who are like you guys. – That’s nice. / – Great. Nice. I’m sure you’ll meet great people. You can come back here with good friends and share the emotions we felt on this trip and have great conversations like we did. If you’re able to relive the memories we made, that alone would be a very happy memory for you. (They laughed together) (Had long conversations with each other) (And they had fun together) (They’ll cherish every moment as precious memories) I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget that moment. Right. Once that day comes, I want to look back on our trip and share the positive energy I got from you guys to my other friends. I want to give them what you gave me. I really hope that day comes. (We hope that day really comes) For me, it’s just one place. The moment you guys came to New York, I talked about the Empire State Building. I told you that you need to visit that place no matter what. I remember telling you that it’s fantastic. But I changed my mind. (Where is it?) For me, the Niagara Falls was the most memorable place. It’s not because it’s our last day. Not because this is the last day of our trip. In that moment, I was fully able to be myself. I really loved the nightscape from the Empire State Building. Stardust was also amazing. And I also had fun at the haunted house. But to be honest, I felt a bit embarrassed. Although, I don’t know how it’ll come out on TV. (He was honest and candid) (We were able to see a different side of Haein) But that was also me. It was really absurd, but that was still me. The same goes for everyone. But I got a chance to look back at myself at the Niagara Falls, and I felt very comfortable with myself there. (He shouted at the top of his lungs) (He fully enjoyed the experience) (He laughed as much as he wanted to) (It was a moment where he could be himself) I’ll never be able to forget this. Wherever I go and whatever I do, this will always remind me of who I truly am. I want to share with you guys the stuff felt as I prepared for this trip. To be honest… (Hesitating) – Cheers again? / – This is really… (Is it something he can’t say without alcohol?) What is it? To be honest, I felt really pressured about this show. I’m sure you had a hard time preparing for this trip. Yes. – I could tell. / – But… This is what I thought every day. You’re bound to feel pressured no matter what you do. But it felt like I was looking for excuses. I was looking for reasons to avoid it. (Am I running away?) Hello. (He had to break out of his shell as an actor) (He walked through the streets of New York) (And experienced everything himself for 8 days) I feel excited… But I also feel a little scared. I’m sure I’ll get used to this place pretty soon. I honestly felt pressured, but I don’t feel that way anymore. When we were at the Niagara Falls, everyone was busy trying to avoid getting wet. But I changed my mindset and decided that I could even take my clothes off if I must. And I really loved it. (You’ll eventually realize that it’s not a big deal) So I changed my mindset. And after that, I truly started to enjoy everything. This is nothing much, but it makes me so happy. (You can be happy even if you don’t do anything) (Even the smallest things can make you happy) (Shall we walk together?)


I hope Jung Hae In will act in a drama with a good and nice vibe, like it was in,,Someting in the rain".Nice trip..In a future,I hope will enjoy a New York travel with more freedom,not making for the TV or the vlog….

Haein………please come back and you guys have a new travel log! You all made me smile, laugh, dream, and cry! It is amazing to see this kind, loving, fun friendship. Thank you for sharing with us. We are the one's blessed……and your memories will remain. PLEASE DO ANOTHER TRAVEL VLOG WITH THESE FRIENDS! They are so special…………..

Now boys go visit other places in America not just the big cities. Like people always tell me that a big city of a country doesn't necessarily represent that feel or culture of a country. Hope you enjoyed your time and were able to check off your list.

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