Lake Quivira Passive House – High Performance Wall Assembly

Here, we have an excellent view of our high
performance envelope system in its multiple layers. It all starts with a weather membrane
overtop of our existing sheathing. This shields all of our structure from the elements and
gives an extra layer of airtightness. Overlaid are two layers of EPS foam. The seams have
been offset and sealed. This gives an extra element of airtightness and prevents any voids
in our insulation layer. Overtop is another layer of weather membrane, which protects
our foam from any moisture that gets behind our siding. Here, we have our coravent material, which
is a key component in any rain screen system. On the top you notice all the holes. This
allows air to move behind our siding. This air movement evaporates any moisture that
gets behind our siding. On the underside, we have a thin mesh material. This material
prevents any insects or critters from getting behind our siding and borrowing and making
their nests. This material is very important in ensuring our assembly is very durable and
insect-free. We’ve made a lot of progress, here at the
Lake Quivira Passive House. We’ve got our exterior foam on and our rain screen ready
for siding. We’ve used these screws, ten inches long, to secure our vertical furring
strips back to the studs going through six inches of foam, one inch of sheathing, and
then two inches into the stud. We have our horizontal furring strips on to hold our vertical
siding. This should be getting siding in the next couple days, so we’re going to be weathertight
very soon.

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