KRONE curtain systems in focus: These are the advantages. | KRONE TV

Hello, my name is Jens Rauer and today we deal with the topic: lateral loading and unloading of the trailer. The forwarders have to face ever greater challenges. Especially in the automotive sector, they must always comply with shorter loading times. On the other hand, they want to permanently facilitate the daily work of their drivers. How to do that, let’s take a look together. For quick and easy lateral loading and unloading, KRONE offers two different tarpulin versions: optionally the Safe Curtain and the Comfort Curtain. The Safe Curtain is characterized by spring steel strips embedded in the tarpaulin. This has the advantage that you can dispense with side slats. What brings a weight advantage of 130 kg on the vehicle a handling advantage for the driver, less risk of injury and additionally an anti-theft effect. The premium solution is the comfort tarpaulin. This is characterized by side-mounted micro-stantions which make it possible to completely dispense with side slats and the standard middle stanchions. Thanks to the central lifting roof, experienced drivers in conjunction with the Comfort Curtain can open the vehicle in less than 30 seconds which shortens the entire loading process by several minutes. In addition, the system is designed to be easy to repair due to the split and screwed outer rail and through individual micro-stantions to be removed. Both equipment variants are available for vehicles with 3 m internal height as well as with all current cargo security certificates such as beverages, Code XL or the Daimler certificate.


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