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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday events wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to
make an update birthday party centerpiece and setup here we go so to continue my paper mache obsession
today I am going to be making and up birthday party centerpiece and a few
things for these set up and I’m telling you guys this was that said I have been
praying to God to you know I pray everyday and I’m always like you know
got my steps you know God my creative process God and
I’m telling you how he came through for me this week
yes been chill so I went to Hobby Lobby and guess how much I paid for all of
this four dollars yes four dollars for all
three of these things original price $5.99 I paid a dollar 50 99 cents and
this was a dollar 25 the cashier said your total is four dollars I was like
yeah and that’s how that’s not the only sign last Saturday not that I haven’t
been thinking about making this project seen something obsessed with paper mache
cuz I see this house all the time when I go into that aisle but I had other ideas
that I was you know contemplating and you know I’m like okay so I need to
narrow it down so I’m sitting on my couch just hardly
anything to watch on Saturdays so you know I’m going on demand trying to find
a little bit of watch and that video I know it by heart
I know what movies are there but I go through it anyway and guess what’s on
there mm-hmm the movie I never ever see the movie up I mean I’m sure that if you
go into the kids you know but it was there in the regular you know menu and
it was there so I started watching it my daughter watched her for half an hour
and then she was gone – it’s like I’m too old for this
yeah and I love the movie I mean I seen it I saw
the first time when he first came out but this time around I really really
really appreciate it even more I loved it the message was amazing it’s
all about you know going after your dreams going for the impossible and
that’s totally what I’m all about so I hope you get inspired and I am totally
inspired to make it so let’s get started so the first thing I’m going to do is
glue the house down meaning the roof part because it’s some
sort of a box so I’m just going to glue this shut I took a picture of the screen
on my TV of the actual up house because I found different versions online and I
wanted to stay as true as possible to the version on the movie the house has
orange blue purple and yellow in a bit of pink right here so the dimensions are
totally different from the actual house on screen so I’m gonna try my best to
you know try to bring that out as much as possible I’m going to start from top
to bottom the roof of the house seems to be a deep
purple so I’m going to combine violet and chocolate brown no particular reason
why I’m using these two colors this is just what I have if you have purple and
black you can combine those two the point is to get the purple to be darker this is about three coats if you want to
do more then go right ahead I’m probably going to touch that up a little later these two parts of the house seems to be
yellow and then this bottom half this window right here seems to be like a
lime green and it kind of fades into the yellow so it’s almost similar but a
little bit different so I’m going to try to do that I’m going to add a little bit of
painters tape to divide this half from this half because this half is lime
green and this is yellow okay so the house has a bit of an orange line right
here this part of the second roof that sticks out a little bit here so I’m just
going to add a little bit of orange right there I’m adding a little bit of the yellow
paint to the orange so I can make it a little lighter because this side of the
house is orange as well but it’s a darker orange and this is like a lighter
orange I’m going to add tape right here to paint this blue this bottom half
including the door is orange this part of the house right here is almost like a
lime green but it’s closer to the yellow so I’m going to mix green and yellow
together going to be painting the windows in pink I’m going to outline the windows and the
door by mixing a little bit of white yellow and orange this is going to help
me make it come out a little bit so it wouldn’t look so flat okay guys so today
is actually the next day I ended up finishing up the house late last night
and early this morning and I’m actually glad that I did that because I was able
to spare you from watching me pretty much do the same thing to the side of
the house any extra texture to the house love it I’m going to use this very thin
point Sharpie to draw a shadow line under the ledge here and under the
windows huh I got it what I was scared all right now I gotta do the windows
what it looks good it looks good so I was so afraid to do the shadow in around
the house but I guess I got over it pretty quickly because then I went
shadowing crazy I did it all around the windows the ledge over the door and all
around the house the windows on the side as well and he totally makes a
difference it gives the house back and I can see what they say it’s important to
do shadowing now I’m going to move on to the mailbox I’m going to be painting the
mailbox in white and the flag is going to be red I bought this head and feet baby shower
stickers at Walmart for 97 cents they also have it in blue and I’m not sure
why I didn’t buy them in blue as well because I’m going to need a pink and a
blue one but since identify the blue one I’m
going to paint this one in blue since I’m making this centerpiece for a
birthday party for kids I’m going to write happy birthday on here you can
also write your child’s name if you have twins you can write both with their
names on here if you’re doing it for a baby shower you can write baby shower on
here and I actually got a request for a wedding to do an update wedding so you
can write their bride and groom’s name on here as well now I’m going to make
the grape soda bottle cap badge that Ellie put on Cara when they first met
and I’m going to be using purple or violet actually violet violet and white
acrylic paint I mix the two together and he made this lavender kind of color I’m
going to draw some grapes right here on the top of the cap I’m just going to
make some dots I’m going to use the violet alone to make the leaves on the
grapes I’m going to use this purple paint marker to write the words grape
soda on the cap now all I have left to do is to glue the safety pin behind the
cap I’m going to be using five-inch balloons
from Party City I have an MP blue green light pink this is yellow red and this
is purple I think in purple I already had this I didn’t have to buy them I
always use balloons so I always keep a stash but the kit came with a bag of
assorted balloons so but these are probably told inches these are bigger
and this will look too big with the centerpiece so I’m choosing to use five
inches right now I have two of each balloon I think if I make three of each
it should be enough alright guys this is it this is my up themed birthday party
centerpiece and some of the items I’m going to be using for this setup and oh
my gosh I love it I feel like I’m in the movie right now it’s so so pretty and I
must say that I’m very proud of myself for taking on the challenge to paint
this house because I’m always afraid of painting and drawing and stuff like that
but it really turned out pretty pretty nice and I’m not gonna lie it’s a little
bit of tedious work with the painting but if you take your time if you have a
couple of days you can definitely do this the mailbox was very easy to make
and the bottle cap badge forget it very easy like I said earlier the
centerpiece will look amazing at a birthday party baby shower and even a
wedding I hope you guys enjoyed this video as much as I
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all the time alright guys until next time bye Oh

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