Kelly Clarkson, Rebecca Romijn And Amy Poehler Reveal Their Dog-In-Bed Policy

– Please welcome Rebecca Romijn, y’all! (audience applaud and cheer) Oh my gosh, you look beautiful. – Thank you. – Hi, Rebecca! (music drowns out speech) – Come on down. Would you like some wine? Wait, you can do it. – Oh my gosh.
– Yes, she’s like, “Don’t step on my role, girl.” But, tell me about this… Rescue Dog Show is first
of all the coolest thing. We grew up… My mother could not turn an animal away. We had every animal in our house. – We did too. My mom was actually a cat rescuer. We grew up with cats.
– [Kelly] We did too. – More than dogs. I didn’t have a dog as a child. But my mom was a real activist who rescued feral cats, and get them fixed and
then re-release them. But as a kid you’re like, why can’t we just bring
all the animals home? (audience laughs)
Why can’t we have them all? – And that’s what I love
about this Rescue Dog Show, is it’s not best in show, or the most beautiful put together dog. It’s like… Those aren’t the fun ones. Those aren’t– – The American Rescue Dog Show celebrates that… They’re not dogs that are
judged on their bloodline, or their breed, they’re judged for their personality and their character and their quirkiness. Their… Special quirks.
– It’s cute. Do you just wanna adopt all of them? I’m bad at that.
– Well all the dogs on The American Rescue Dog Show
have already been spoken for which is why we say they’re all winners because they’ve all found
their forever homes. But we’re celebrating their uniqueness and spreading the word about dog rescue and the categories are amazing. We have Best In Belly Rubs. This year we have Best In Wrinkles. (laughs) Best In Ears. Best In Snoring, which is always a crowd-pleaser. Best In Couch Potato. – Couch Potato is awesome. – And then the two that always make me cry are Best In Senior and Best In Special Needs. – Wow, that’s amazing. So speaking of loving your dogs, having them in your house all the time, are y’all the kind of people that have… Do you sleep with your
dogs in your bed, or no? – No.
– No. (audience laughs) – I love animals, possibly more than humans, and I’m like, boo this is my bed, get out. – And you get to an age where
sleep becomes so precious– – Whoa. – Nothing is gonna come
between me and that. – And bed is for sleeping
or something else, and you’re not involved. – That’s right, that’s right. Beat it. Beat it. – So you don’t either. – No, yeah, you wanna keep
your dog out of your bedroom. I think, I think that’s a good call. Because however they react
won’t be the right way. (laughing) – I love that everyone in the audience is thinking of the time in their life when that story has applied.

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