John Eyzen, Happy 2016 Birthday – From Russia with love

Dear John, I congratulate you with your birthday and I wish you always be happy. Hello! Je vous souhaite beaucoup de succès et de rester dans le même sans faille… nous vous aimons! John Eyzen, Happy Birthday! Bonjour, John! All of us have many reasons for love you. And now we want to tell you some words about your birthday. We want to congratulate you. Now, we’re eating these sweets and drink this soda for your birthday. For your 30. We love you. Dear John! In this wonderful day I would like to congratulate you with your birthday and I wish to you happiness and big and pure love. I want your life to be colorful, interesting and full of creativity. Be the King of the World as you have been. Thank you for your talent, for your splendid voice, for your energy that you give to your fan. Bon anniversaire! Happy Birthday! C днем рождения! (rus) Zum Geburstag! (german) With love from Russia! Dear John! Today you are 30 years old and it is a good age because you have become a real man. I want you to stay such energetic, cheerful, sincere and funny. You’re wonderful actor, singer and person. Your songs always cause a storm of emotions and your voice calms me. I want to tell you thank you for your roles in the performances, it is great. I wish you health, happiness, inspiration and great love. I want to wish you a happy birthday It’s will be really beautiful Thursday Cakes, gifts, candy and candles Congratulations will seem endless It’s your birthday So Happy birthday It’s your birthday Very nice day! If you’re hoping for a moment of rest Your fans on Facebook will protest Don’t be nervous and keep calm Now smile! Yeah! You’re charm! Cause it’s your birthday So Happy birthday It’s your birthday Very nice day! Hey, that’s a cake, make a wish And I’ll probably have to finish. Happy 30 birthday, John Emmmm… it’s a picture of good luck stone? ๐Ÿ˜€ for his ability to play different characters your music made my day better For the glance of his magic green eyes For the inspiration that I got from him as a writer for his bordless charm For nice laugh For amazing style of clothes For the incredible sense of humour Because you sometimes wear purple cloak. I love purple! for his ability to amaze for his charming voice for his sincerity and truthfulness (especially in interview) cause you’re very great dancer. For his inexhaustible talent Because we could see the unexpected side of Mercutio Because he gives us example not to be lazy I can listen your song in my headphones. Because, in my opinion, he never rests on the laurels For live, bright and natural playing on the stage for his music For his attitude to the fans cause your photos is very fun. because he is full of energy because he is ALWAYS splendid singer and performer he can whistle.. That’s cool! It may sound strange, but… His hair! Yeah, his hair! It says everything! cause you have… cool sneakers! Because I know at least 6 persons who after having learn about him started studing French very successfully. I’m loving it! Because he is just THE BEST! I don’t need any reason to admire this person!

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