JAPANTEX 2014 | Safe, secure and comfortable living – Toso Corporation

I will introduce this year’s Toso booth. Here are pleated screen of “Shiori 25 cordless” released in December. We will launch both of single and twin. No operation code, you can open and close, up and down with a hand-held part. Twin style is here. You take a knob in the middle, then you can do the top and bottom of the opening and closing. Since there is no code, you can use with children and pets at home. This is roll screen of new pattern, released in December. It is a concept of the four series. I will introduce one by one. Birds live in the city is the motif. The following is the motif of foot. It is a bird wanted to fly away into the forest. This is the third motif. It is assumed the scene to go flying in the woods. The last screen is the motif that the bird had arrived in the forest actually and live happily with the birds. Here is the new pattern of pleated screen released in December. Here is a 6 pattern deployment. Here is scales pattern. This is the colored scales pattern such as fan. Because of the colorful, it is a commodity to fit in Nordic style. The following is hail. A hail of small particle was placed at random, it is a simple design. Here is a design in the motif of plum. It is a pleated screen expressed in delicate shades of plum flowers in Japan. It is a design that matches the Japanese-style room. Finally here is the motif of persimmon and watson pomelo. It is a handle of ripe persimmon and sweet and sour fruit of the watson pomelo. Since very spirited nice image pattern, it is a commodity that was also good for the nursery. This is named checkered. It has become a screen that was finished in ink style of painting with light and shade in a rounded checkered pattern. And here is the bamboo. It is a screen arranged the bamboo extending upward, to stripe tone straight line. Toso booth of this year has the theme of life and peace of mind, safety and comfort. We exhibit products released from October to December at the center, please visit us. Thank you all!

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