JAPANTEX 2014 | modes vol.7 – Suminoe Textile Co., Ltd.

This is Suminoe Textile Co., Ltd. Here is our booth. The main display is modeS, Sumie order curtain comprehensive sample book. The word of “mode” of modeS means the fashion, the epidemic in French. As for the sample book, we want to enjoy the curtains and upholstery in the fashion sense. There are three points in developing the products . The first is the Prisma series. Second id flameproof embroidery series. And third is the enhancement of the light-blocking curtains. Prismatic modern, Prismatic series. Prism means the lens of the polyhedron that transmit light. Edgy geometric designs such as feel the light. Use the glossy paper, the design was finished to feel light. As for the construction space, in recent years, there is a simple modern housing. And such as flat roof and shed roof, simple modern house is increaseing. In the design series, we are deployed in such a space. First item. It is a product called D-9002. Jacquard weave of drape. If you look close, you can see that it is divided into the luster and the mat of the surface. By a lazer embossed on the surface, light is irregularly reflected, it is characterized by the finished look with depth. This is Product of opal print, D-9027. Repeat design is a very big, width is 150 centimeters. Is also recommended that you produce the impact of the pattern in a flat design. It is also beautiful appearance, the lines overlap the color. Be continued, it is second development point of flame embroidery series. This item is one of them. The vertical wave pattern of the D-9021 is designed with the embroidery. This time, even in the expression using the colored yarn by developing the material of flame retardant yarns, it is a feature where you can enjoy a beautiful and colorful look. Following we introduce a light-shielding series. There are very high demand of light-shielding curtains in Japan. This time, we enrich the series of light-shielding curtains. The point of enrich, we have prepared the curtains woven high density, with very classy. Here is very elegant impression of floret. Color scheme, the ivory and brown color. Next, the license brand. We add new patterns of the Mira Sean and Katherine Hamnett London of the license agreement. I will introduce the new pattern of Mira Sean. This is an item of D-9405. It is a chic impression of design. Since we are using the luster yarn motif of flower, when folds, flowers emerge in three-dimensional. The next is a new pattern of Katherine Hamnett London. It is D-9083. Arched design of which was drawn very dynamically. Design featuring a classic motif. A very impact design item likely Katherine Hamnett. I will end the introduction of the new pattern of modeS. It is a very popular item since its launch in July 22. Thank you.

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