Irinjalakuda Pindiperunnal 2020 | Pindi Decoration | Pindi Perunnal Flower Making | Paper Flowers

We welcome you all to youten craft and Irinjalakuda Pindi Perunnal 2020 Now we are standing in front of the East Church Irinjalakuda… Let’s see the light decorations in front of the St Thomas Church… …and then we will show you the pindi decorations for the competition… We are giving more explanations about Pindi perunnal for our loving friends from other nations… Pindi Decoration competition is conducting by KCYM Irinjalakuda… Youten Congratulate you all who participated in the competition… First Prize goes to this Pindi Decoration.. Second goes to the Lamp model …which is designed by Difi This Flower Vase model won Third Prize.. We know the hard work and dedication of the participants for the competition… We congratulate all the KCYM members…who conducted this competition so beautifully…. ..and we are giving special thanks to Maxmin and Arul , KCYM members who helped us in making this video…


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