Interior Design Tips: Quirky and unexpected powder rooms!

Bathrooms involve a lot of detail and
precision. You’ll want certain things to line up
like the center of your sink to your faucet. The faucet is then lined up with
your mirror. Then wall sconces follow the same process. There’s a lot of
pre-planning and math involved. But the powder room isn’t being used for morning
bustle face shaving and makeup application. It doesn’t have to follow
the rules! The powder room is usually a small room so you won’t need a lot of
materials to make it stand out and because of its size you can also play
with design rules such as bold color or pattern. So let’s break some rules!
I’m loving this powder room sink and off-centered pendant light fixture. Even
the wallpaper on one side and the wall-mounted hand towel holder on the
other seems a little off adding to the whole quirky off-centered feeling. Here’s
another example… The mirror is off to one side while the sconce is on the adjacent
wall. Overall this look is contemporary and relaxed. See what relaxing the rules
does for you? With such a small room you might worry about using a bold print on
the walls. Worry no more. A bold wallpaper pattern is exactly what
you need. It’s your opportunity to really show off your personality… like this eye
catching floral print. The same applies with your bold color. Pick your favorite
color and go for it… even if it’s dark and mysterious. Remember a powder room
isn’t meant for makeup application. And finally, powder rooms are great spaces
for the unexpected. Like this tiny wall of black subway tile or how about
walking into an unexpected gallery like this? You won’t have to wonder why your guests
are taking their time in your powder room. So here’s your take away: Sometimes
it’s hard to take a leap and do something that’s outside of the box. But powder rooms are great spaces for some rural breaking. Be quirky, be bold, be
unexpected! Great design comes from the unexpected. Thanks for watching this
little design tip! We’ll have lots more design tips just like this one coming
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Suggestions for master bathroom renovation..about tiles.
it should be in whole washroom upto cieling in trend or not?
Only bath area?
Half walls??
Flooring should be same or in contrast?

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