Interior Design Tips: Doggie home spa favourites!

Are you looking at the camera? Oscar’s
back with me today to bring you our doggy home spa favorites. He’s actually
not a big fan of bath time so having any of these little luxuries
at home would make the experience so much easier for him and for me too.
Let’s take a look at some great ideas for your furry little friend. Dog wash
stations are becoming more and more popular in today’s homes. An important
aspect of all dog showers are to tile it all the way around to help protect the
rest of the millwork in the room. Just like a normal shower, a wall niche for
easy access to your pet shampoo is a great idea. Hooks or open shelves for
treats, towels and a place to lay their leash or collar are great too. I love the
built-in doggy bed too. Here we see another laundry room slash dog wash room. Don’t get me started on that wallpaper! This time the shower is elevated which
is best if you have a smaller dog. A handheld shower fixture is very
convenient and a thermostatic valve will help you keep the temperature lukewarm
and steady for your dog’s safety. If you’ve got more than one dog sometimes it’s
easier to have them in the shower together, especially if one of them is
not such a bath enthusiast. Oscar want to take a bath? So making sure
you have enough room for your dog or dogs is important. I love the glass here to minimize splash outside of the shower and it helps to
keep your dogs in the shower too. Again, the wallpaper! I’m sure your pup
appreciates the details like I do. Your pet’s comfort is super important because
you want him to have a pleasurable experience. But your own comfort is
important too, especially to save you from back strain. Dog showers should be
elevated as much as possible. It’s great for small dogs obviously but if you have
a larger breed of dog, doggie steps or a ramp are the way to go. I love how these
tuck under when not being used. So clever. This is one of my favorite rooms!
It’s a mudroom, a laundry room and a pet spa all in one. Look for ways to combine
all these services in one large multi-purpose room. I love the light and
the openness of the space and the fact that everyday life happens here so your
dog won’t feel like he’s going somewhere he only goes when it’s bath time. Sometimes space is an issue. I love this
idea… a mudroom with a removable bench to reveal a dog wash station below. Notice
the doggy upholstery – how clever is that? With all of these home dog spas the
key is design. It’s a part of your home and in many cases it’s part of a room
you will already use like a laundry room or a mudroom. So choosing finishes and
making the space still feel like your home is important. This is my dream dog
wash station. The wallpaper, the cabinetry, the counters, the lighting, the tile and
even the wall-mounted shower fittings, are just beautifully put together. Your
pup would appreciate it – I’m sure. So here’s your take away: A home dog spa is
a super convenient way to keep your dog fresh and clean and it’s very popular in
home design. Remember to make it super comfortable for him to alleviate his
stress as well as yours. Also design it with your needs in mind. Make sure
everything you need is within arm’s reach. Design a look and feel that
complements your home and your lifestyle. Thanks for watching this little design
tip, I’ll have lots more design tips just like this one coming soon so don’t
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