Interior Design Process

In this video I’ll show you my interior
design process. I’m Ula Burgiel and I’m an interior designer based in London. I’ve
worked with the top interior designers, hi-end developers and yacht designers. I’ve been
designing hi-end luxury interiors all around the globe: in Hong-Kong, New York, London.
Today I’ll tell you about how I design projects, what do I start with, how I get my inspiration.
[Music] These are the stages of the interior design
process: Stage 1 – What is the project about?
The first stage of the interior design process is to clarify what the project is about. Who
is it for? Is it for a big family or is it for someone living on their own? The second
thing is where is it located? Is it in the city or is it somewhere out in the countryside?
And then I think how can I make it into a feature. [Music]
Stage 2 of the interior design process is research. I research a lot about the area.
What people lived there before, what happened there, any historical references, cultural
references. I try to find out all the interesting stories. I study the local architecture and
actually sketch the architectural features of the buildings. And I think how can I show
it in the project. Stage 3 – The main idea and feel of the
project. Once I’ve collected all the visual materials,
I develop a main idea for the entire space. In other words the spirit of the project.
Is it a hidden exotic oasis or a vibrant space? What’s the tone and feel? Is it a dark space
with strong textured wood or bright, sleek, modern, minimal?
Stage 4 – Space Planning I use the architectural plan of the property.
I tear off a piece of tracing paper. I trace over the plan. Within the walls I design a
new functional layout with all the furniture and features. It’s very important because
a well-designed house is not only beautiful furniture and colours but a space that makes
life easier and more enjoyable. [Music] Stage 5 – Sketching three-dimensional views
and designing your own unique features that no one else will have.
This is actually my favourite part. I design every centimetre of the space making it truly
unique and exceptional. Sketching helps me think and visualise the space and then I know
exactly what I want to put in the design. It’s almost like I think through sketching
and I can make conscious decisions about placing every piece of design in the space. [Music]
Stage 6 – Finishes & Materials In this stage of the interior design process
I pick all the finishes and materials. I select stone samples, timber samples, metals, fabrics,
rugs – everything that will be in the design. In other words I dress the space. [Music]
Stage 7 – Technical CAD Drawing I make sure that all my designs work perfectly
by drawing it in very precise CAD software. CAD or Computer Aided Design is a computer
software for advanced technical documentation. Stage 8 – 3D Computer Visuals
This stage shows you what the design will look like from a 3D very realistic point of
view. It’s a computer generated image that shows you the space without actually building
it. Like a photograph. [Music] To sum up, these are the stages of the interior
design process: What is the project about?
Research The Main Idea and Feel of the Project
Space Planning Sketching
Finishes and Materials Technical CAD Drawing
3D Computer Visuals That’s it. Every interior designer does
it slightly differently but this is how I do it.
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see you next time. [Laugh] designing… [Singing] [Laugh] Visual.
[Laugh] Oh, I actually have it all here. [Laugh]

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