Interior Design Major Focus: Jeanette Barton

I love how broad interior design is. People tend to think of it only as interior decorating, but it’s a lot more than that. We are helping the city of Carlton to develop a floor plan
for their new City Hall. It’s been a really good experience for all of us to learn
how to work with people in a more hands-on, direct way. A lot of the experience
that George Fox has given me has been from the people, both fellow students and my professors. All of my classes so far have
been taught by Patrice Brown. She is very interested in our individual journeys as students, and just having that
support system in place is something that’s really valuable. I’m a really strong believer in how interiors and surroundings
can influence people, and so it’s really nice to
be able to have each other, to hold each other accountable.

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