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Hey guys welcome to our new home, our dream
home. My name is Abhijit. Hi this is Avisikta. Our apartment is in Classic Landmark on Hosa
road opposite Amrita Engineering College. This is a 3BHK apartment and our interiors
were done by Furdo. They did a brilliant job. The process began with several rounds of interactions,
discussions that we had with the designers the kind of look and feel that we wanted. I think our initial approach was to have a
very minimalistic design for our apartment and after several rounds of discussion that
thought or that concept got very refined in terms of what the apartment should look like
at the end and the several iterations that we had with
the 3D designs helped eventually give us what we really wanted. The 3D design in particular was very helpful. My wife had a lot of design related inputs. They took all our feedback and incorporated
it in the overall plan. We are really thankful to Furdo for that. And as you can see for yourself, the apartment
came out really, really well. And we just posted all the pictures of our
apartment on Facebook and the reaction that we got from our friends and community is awesome. People liked and appreciated it and were very
curious to find out who did the interior job. I think that kind of tells you or rather gives
you the testimony of how it came out in the end. We are very excited that our first home, our
dream home looks so great, looks so fabulous and thank you Furdo and we would really like to recommend Furdo
to whoever wants to do their interiors. They do a great job.


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