Interior Design for the Dining Room : Tips on Recovering Chair Cushions

My name is Judy Williams representing,
and today we are talking about different ways to decorate your dining room. You will notice
on this cushion I have finished it all the way around except on the corner, which is
the most difficult. Before I demonstrate the corner, I’d like to tell you to start on the
back and staple this back down and then you are going to pull towards the front and you
want a lot of pressure: pull the cushion down really tight. Roll it over and staple and
just keep doing that all the way around, all the way. Then all these stripes, you want
to make sure you press from the middle like this. Make sure your stripe in the middle
is straight, and as it works out from the center stripe it is very easy to do. Now I’m
going to demonstrate this corner. You will see that I just pull this fabric right over
what was there. And actually I choose this piece of fabric because I put the fabric in
just a little short and I want to show you how easy it is. You just press, I’m pressing
very very tight, push it up with my thumbs, and holding it choosing a regular manual stapler.
You could use an electric. You see that I keep pushing and stapling. Pushing and stapling.
I first use short staples so that they are easy to take out until I get the pattern just
the way that I want it. Then on this corner you will notice over here how nicely that
is tucked and it makes a nice look. The curve and tuck is more to the side and not the front.
So I’m tucking that under, and again I’m pressing and pulling my fabric. Pull it up there and
into the curve and I’m going to hold that. Press it down and staple. It is hard for those
staples to catch there but, again you just pull, press in, and pull and you can’t see
it but, those staples actually came loose, which is what I wanted them to do. Again I’m
working my fabric from here. Checking if my stripe looks straight to the eye. Putting
a lot of pressure on it. Pull the staples up to this corner, and I staple it really
well on the corners. Now I’m ready to reinstall my chair cushion.

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