Interior Design for the Dining Room : Christmas Bowl Decorations for the Dining Room

My name is Judy Williams representing,
and today we are talking about different ways to decorate your dining room. I now demonstrate
how to make a bowl decoration. You will notice that I have used this heavy lead crystal bowl
which will reflect the light beautifully. I will first use just small silver balls again
picking up the shape of my balls. I begin to put my lights down the bowl and I will
pick up some of these balls and sort up put them into the light. Then I lay balls in here.
These are just regular Christmas tree ornaments. I have got them for about dollar at the local
dollar store. I turn in the hangers. This would serve as a background to the table scape
that I have just demonstrated with the trees and the deer when the candles are lighted.


I have a glass block, like those used in construction of a wall, with a string of white lights on white string tucked into it. Some come with a hole pre-drilled. If not drilled, use a diamond bit. Make it large enough for the female plug end to go through. We have a bow tied around it. When lit, it looks like a glowing block of ice. You can make a bunch of these with outdoor lights for an igloo effect.

@amesguy515 If you use a slow blink type light, you can turn it into lightning bugs or fireflys. Just buy some bees in the crafts section, clip the wings off and glue them to the base of the light bulb.

This will work great with battery operated lights. You don't have to drill and the light bulb tends to be smaller.

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hi, im going to make this for my center piece for Christmas, it looks really beautiful and so so easy to make , thankyou

It's really nice idea, but pretty much dangerous. The lights are getting too much hot when they are so close to each other, and after a while it smells bad because the plastic starts to melt slowly.

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