Interior Design | CCS

It’s really about how the human interacts
with the space and environment itself. How they engage. How they become
productive. How they are pleased or calm or how they are effected by these elements that surround us. We have the advantage in the Interior
Design program to really focus on you, on the student. To allow them to succeed. To prepare them with strategies and foundations and tools to help them
through that. How that human interacts with an environment and then how to lead to an output that’s really gonna meet your goals. Whether we do it through research, through material exploration, 3d or 2d. We want you to go through step by step to evolve and be innovative about your solutions. It’s really making you think about that
human being. About that architect that is building the core. About how you integrate the interior versus the exterior. That tells you if you want to be productive, if you want to play, if you want to stay calm. What are those elements whether they are applied by material, by form. What are those that are going to make us
communicate something that we want to reach. A goal that we want to meet. It’s truly that passion about our next generation making new things, changing the world through a space.

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