Interior Design and Materials Technology @KsTU (IDMT)

welcome to the department of interior
design and materials technology at commercial Technical University our
department is part of the Faculty of building natural environment which is
sited at the Adako Jachie campus of the Kumasi Ejisu high highway where we
have a very serene and conducive university environment as you could see
currently our department is running HND interior design technology
program where we train students to acquire competencies in the creation of
functional spaces in commercial and residential buildings our program is run
in the CBT mode that is the competency based training movie
we have enough world qualified well experienced lecturers supported by
technicians and technologies you have enough facilities in terms of labs and
workshops studios as which our field with enough resources and practical
materials my name is architect AB Asante interior
design is basically an act of science and the creativity to produce functional
space within a building structure the course at large covers all the prospect
of making any interior of residential to commercial space we take students
through principles of material design we also take students through the computer
application program in relation to interior works both in 2d and 3d
modeling our student has the opportunity to attach the associate various field
with respect to design for example our students are able to be with various
architectural films go into industry as individual or as group and take project
in interior works. the industry attachment coordinator for design interior design
we are based on competency based training the competency based training
is such that the practical aspect should be more in the program than the theoretical aspect and because of that we have the practical as per the go to
the flower shop with the students and to be able to match what is happening in
the industries we also send student outside to the industries in order to
acquaint themselves with what’s happening in the industries this is a
because industry claims that the Strand we produce there is a gap between what
we teach in the lecture halls and then what is happening in the industry
sometime one good day there are positive reactions from industry that service
students are very good and that they even employed them just after school
I don’t believe with this our students can fit very well. I’m a senior at the department of interior design and
materials technology Kumasi Technical Univesity I’m going to talk about the
entry requirements to the department first we admit SSCE & West Africa senior
secondary education That is WASCE with passes in core english language core
mathematics intergrated a science or social studies we also admit visual arts students we admit technical school graduates with
national certificate – which is equivalent to WASCE or SSCE we also addmit
with DC O & A level graduate we also admit mature applicants the
mature applicant must be 25 years old at the time of applying the applicant must
pass an interview written as I’m missing or both senior lecturer with the department of interior design materials technology
interior design is one of the fastest growing industry in the world and with
interior design student going through interior design has a lot of job
prospects will come back as a set designer you can work as a landscape
designer you can’t work as a gallery designer satify kitchen designers
furniture arranges film and theatre designers or production designers you
can also work as interior and fishier designer space planning a special
designer interior decorators home lighting advices you can work as estate
manager you can work as a furniture designer you can work as a graphic
designer through the designer stylist tester
designer and then there are a lot of places in
the public and in the private sector that you can also work interior
designers we touch our firms in terms of construction companies and console
touches this estate developers you can work with them with the oil find that
there is definitely going to be a boom in the construction industry definitely
there will be a need for interior designers so we expect a lot of people
to be a route even if you have a degree you can still roll to have the
certificate in interior design thank you we encourage our brothers and sisters
who are looking for machines to go out to Bureau satellites to purchase
commodity technical investing admission forms and then select each and interior
design technology program you are welcome contact the university Maine
admissions office or you may also contact them h o DS office through the
email below as well as the telephone number below thank you

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