Why the heck did she carve the pumpkin by the bottom and not put it back together after wards. Your supposed to carve it from the top. Sorry for the rant

The spider eggs is a Martha Stewart craft. All the instructions are on that site. Also threadbanger does this better.

Sooooo frustrating to watch!!!! Please get someone who can do crafts and actually be bothered to try DIY with some effort.

Apparently anyone with colored hair who tries popular pins is ripping off Threadbanger according to this comment section lol. Copying would have been if they named it Buzzfeed vs pin or something. Settle down everybody.

I didn’t think the drip candle would’ve worked by the end of the video because the other candles to the left of her hadn’t dripped yet

@BuzzFeedNifty. There are candles specifically made for dripping. They are called drip candles. In my hometown, Wasteland is the place to find them

I feel you missed some obvious parts here. Why use glow sticks on the hats, you’d use led candles! With the candle drip you turn the candle upside side to melt the wax fast. Thats a really obvious one. And finally with the spider sack you didn’t put anything weighted into it for that stretched look the pin had. Just feel this was really half assed and a lot of people wouldn’t have made them like you. Sorry not trying to offend, just being honest.

I was confused like why does Corinne look like the Wal-Mart knock off version on Corinne, then I saw it was buzzfeed that explains it.

I saw the thumbnail and thought “she stole Corinne’s… everything” I’m sorry if I spelled her name wrong

why dont you just look for everything that you are gonna present on youtube, you guys look stupid by just doing it at the moment, or even worse if you plan this!

I actually enjoyed watching this video, I think the lady is pretty funny! I understand it might not be the best craft video ever but it was fun to watch 🙂

Good stuff! Happy Halloween Trick tip: Your candle was the dripless kind. You need to use the kind of candle that actually drips its wax, then all you have to do is light the wick and watch it happen. But be sure to place something non-flammable (like aluminum foil) under the bottle to catch any drips that might fall ; wax is fire fuel and is tough to clean up.
The development of dripless candles was a step forward for safety and a more carefree cleanliness, but a step backward for wax dripping artists.

She’s paid to do this, and she’s so lazy and half asses every single project. She even said she “can’t be bothered” just to spray paint a bottle…

"I can't be bothered" -_-
She didn't even do the pins right and she considers herself crafty? How could she judge whether the pin works or not when she's not putting the effort to actually make it good? She didn't even read the instructions on how to make the candle-holder DIY of course it's not gonna work! She really fucked up the spider egg DIY too yet she marked it as a 'Treat'.

I think that she should have tried harder on the bottle craft. We already know that she has the black paint from the wreath, she just didn't paint the bottle. She could have just painted the bottle and the wreath at the same time. If you are going to make a video about trying these crafts then you should put in a legitimate effort, however I am not trying to hate on you I think that overall this video is pretty well done and better than anything I could have done. Just next time maybe paint the bottle? Have a happy Halloween ❤️🎃

OH MY GOODNESS I just discovered thanks to this video the marvelous method of pumpkin carving where you make the hole in the BOTTOM bruh. How have I never seen this before

So let me get this straight. You decided to use a glow stick instead of the tea light in the witch's hat even though the pin clearly called for a tea light, because they're "cheaper and easier to find," yet plucked a tea light out of nowhere for the pumpkin.

also, LED tea lights can be found at any dollar store and are definitely as easy to find as glow sticks.

Y'all basic.

This was painful to watch. If you're going to make a DIY video at least give it some effort, declutter the table, and have a little excitement. Her laissez-faire attitude was pretty insulting. Why should I care to watch your videos if you can't be bothered to care about what you're doing?

Wow this girl is super lazy… And if you say I'm being a hater oh hell no I ain't, you know why cuz many times throughout the 12-minute video this girl show laziness oh well oh I don't care I can't be bothered any of those ring a bell they should not have her in another one of their videos is there are there might be more when you're reading this comment but right now there is about 272 and that's insane that means the people watching the video "couldn't be bothered" to try to comment.
I'm sure this girl is very nice but girl this ain't your thing.

I really wanted to play club penguin after listening to the background music during the beginning of the first tutorial. The I remembered that club penguin is gone. 😭

This video is so frustrating to watch… This girl may be crafty at her home, but in this video she seems so clumpsy and "unbothered" to get the projects right… fail

so awesome! thumbs up! Thanks for sharing! Check out my office hallway decorations at work! Leave a comment let me know what you think? https://youtu.be/qJ71RB0mhAg

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