How to start painting a wall – English lesson with subtitles

Good afternoon,
My names’ Mark and I’m one of the maintenance team here at LSI
right we’ve prepared a new wall which is going in the cafe
basically we’ve sealed the new plaster we’ve put the first coat on
that’s now dry so I’m now cutting in which is
going round the outside edges with a brush and once
that’s dry we’ll go over it with a roller basically, which is what we’re going to finish off doing
now. So this is what you call cutting in
just basically going round all the top edges
which you obviously can’t get to with a roller.
That’s had two coats now which is usually enough
if you’re using dark colours. There we go,
now wait for that to dry and then we’ll roller it out
with one of these basically and that’ll give you
a nice orange peel flat surface if you tried doing this with a brush
you’d just have lines every where.

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