How to Sew Curtains : How To Press Lining To Valance Fabric

This is Vicki Walker for Expert Village. We
are at the ironing board ready to press this seam to make sure we have a nice flat edge
at the bottom. We have attached the top piece, the main color strip color of the valance
to the white black out fabric. What we don’t want any of the white to show as you are getting
near to the curtain. Almost underneath you want to go look out of a window. So rather
then folding it over and having it exact edge to edge there. What I have decided to do is
a better idea to go ahead and let the stripped fabric go ahead and row around to the back
side there. Press so that there is about a half a inch there which kind of takes up the
seam allowance from the other side. So it is a nice easy way to measure. I would use
my pressing cloth here and press along the edge all the way down. That would be much
smoother when it comes to put the valance up. I would continue all the way up to the
curtain pressing this down through the valance. Then we would head back to the sewing machine
to work on the side seams.


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