How to Set Up & Hang Curtain Lights

Hi, I’m Sarah with Lights for all Occasions.
I want to give you some simple tips on how to setup and hang your commercial curtain
lights. Alright, the first tip I want to give you is how to easily set up your lights for
hanging. So we have found that it is much easier to do it on the floor or on a table
like I have here, instead of trying to hang up the line and then connect the lights. So
I have this setup on a table to show you the two different parts that you’re going to be
hanging. The first is your mother-line, this is what will be hanging on your rod, or pipe,
or against the wall, whatever you choose for your venue, and then these are your actual
strings of lights that you’ll connect to the mother-line, and you’re going to want to do
this right next to where you’re going to hang it up, so as soon as everything is connected
you just simply pick it up and hang it up where you’d like. Alright the next step I
want to show you is how to actually connect your string of lights to the mother-line.
So the first time you do this, it’s going to be a little tight, they are water resistant
and so the snugness between the light and the mother-line adds to that resistance to
moisture. So the first time you connect them you’re going to have to wiggle it a little
bit to get it up there and then the next time you do it it’s going to be a lot easier, alright.
So, the first thing you’ll do is take off this protective cap that’s on the plug on
the mother-line, and then you’ll slide down the protective cap on the light. They both
have an arrow, and you’ll want to line up the arrows on each part, and then just simply
do a rocking back and forth as you wiggle it on, and once it’s on there pretty snug
you’re going to then take this cap that’s going to just connect everything and protect
it. And you’ll slide it on, and there’s a couple notches on there that you’ll line up
with and twist so that it’ll be connected, and then you’ll simply hang up the lights
and you’re good to go. Alright, this brings me to my next step which is how to hang your
lights. Now that you’ve had them all connected, I’m going to show you a few different ways
that you can use, depending on what venue you’re at, to hang your lights. So on each
light fixture, you’re going to see a little hole that you can use to use a zip tie, that’s
what we’ve done behind me to hang these lights. We had a pole or a curtain rod going across,
you can use a zip tie really easy to connect these to that pole or a pipe or curtain rod,
whatever you’re using in your venue. If you’re in a tent it’s perfect to use those as well.
You can also use screw hooks if you have these lights up against the wall, or adhesive hooks
as well if you’re venue doesn’t want you to leave anything permanent, make sure you use
one that’s made for a heavier weight. These are pretty light weight, but you want to use
one that’ll definitely hold up a little more weight than just your standard picture frame
or anything. Also we do sell here at Lights for all Occasions a wire in case you wanted
to have these lights freestanding, you can string this wire across the ceiling or wherever
you want to drape your lights and then use hooks to adhere your lights to the wire. So
those are just some simple ways that you can use to hang your lights up. Make sure that
if you do use freestanding hooks that your spacing them every-so-often in between each
light so that it does look uniform and stays nice and sturdy and safe for your guests.
You don’t want any of these lights falling down and ruining the whole evening, that would
be terrible, keep it safe! Alright, the fourth step in setting up and hanging your curtain
lights is to familiarize yourself with the control box that you’re using for your particular
lights. I have one example here, and it is best to just make sure you go through the
different functions so you know which would best fit the look, the feel that you want
for your event, and it does take a little playing with to see all of the many different
functions there are, lots of varieties from cascading, to fading in and out, to steady,
to blinking, you can change the speed of which those functions are performing. It would be
really great if you just decided what look you’re going for so that once you got to your
event you can simply choose that function and not have to worry about experimenting
or playing with different varieties. So, that’s just a tip for you and it’ll make it so much
easier for you when you’re setting up your lights. We know you’re going to love this
when you create this wall of light from 6 feet to 36 feet, it creates that beautiful
atmosphere that we know will add such a great element to your event. Alright, if you found
these tips helpful or you have some other of your own that you’d like to share, we’d
love to hear comments from you. Make sure you do that below, and subscribe to our channel,
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Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you back here next time!


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