How to Repair a Crack in Plaster Ceiling. ♦СВОИМИ РУКАМИ Handmade DIY♦

A little bit lush gel nail this once you
vote okay foster water sailing some cracking inner Lane opened up a little
bit we just played them a bit water so I can get the corners mint just cutting
45-degree Sumana will push the corner right up there although that’s on timber
there so we’ll use the looks like this timber everywhere so we’ll be using our
type instead of squeezing it up how about a little bit loose Hale put some
screws in – now we’ll move up to the next one okay oh my just enough to get your
finger up me good go to math to cut know my path have a look-see we do this
you’re running this way later we’ll mix up put a few squares in
the next one Joyce’s learning this way is not always
successful if you as successful pay money doing at the father gosh okay
should be pretty good thank you okay commitments up to pro push it right
up know that top way we used to do the old Fabray
you couldn’t screw up them about get your scraper enero zip it up okay
good one hate water damage Iran kind of Tommy go push it back I can’t let us hike up for bit more here
but let’s first cut a cup for a wall oh so they got squeezing it kind of come up
to the gorge what’s good enough we’re gonna go to put a bit of hot sauce type
below this as well we’ll do that next yep like how it’s gonna a second coat on
they’re still the same mix music hug around the trouser straightish together still
wait Bob so what I’m gonna do is float over about section Piper’s brain without this stop day we
might put a couple of screws man hold sound American
okay you kept it a little bit longer but again just plugging everything I can stack up a good night
spread this out of it and polish it off my talk okay hopefully enjoy a few bumps crack
water damage and limit crack around there we’ve opened up some websites and
we wish the plaster up join or best


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