How to Paint Stripes on Your Walls : How to Prepare a Room for Painting

Hello! My name is Melissa Schenk and on behalf
of Expert Village, today I’m going to teach you how to paint a room with stripes. In this
clip, we need to first start off by prepping our walls and our room for that matter. When
you first start paining any room, whether it be just adding one coat of paint onto the
walls or one color, or painting stripes as we’re doing in this case, you want to empty
out the room best you possibly can. You might have a few things you’re working around. That’s
acceptable, but you’ve got to get the most you possibly can out of the room. First and
foremost, you may need to clean your walls. It could be a brand new home with drywall
dust still lingering in house. If you do have any drywall dust on your walls, you’re going
to want to wash the walls and also, your base boards. Base boards are really bad for collecting
dust. What I’ve got with me here is my washing bucket and with my cloth with diluted soap
solution. Soap and water diluted. You don’t need a lot. You just want to give it a good
cleaning and then rinse it out again and even just do some straight water. You don’t want
a lot. You just do a light dusting right there just to get any dust off. It could be any
drywall dust for that matter as well. First and foremost, clean and prep your walls. Let
it dry. They’re not going to be that wet, but you don’t want to go any further until
you’ve let it dry for just a little bit of time. I’ll see in the next clip.


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