How to Paint a Room : Painting Walls with a Roller

Ok, the second to the last step in our bedroom
painting project is actually rolling out the wall paint. And again, I’m using a smooth
nape roller sleeve. Once again, you want to make sure that you’re
roller is actually covered with paint but you don’t want too much because we want to
avoid drips at all cost. So make sure you roll it out on the cage really well first
and then we’re going to use an extension pole here because obviously I can’t reach all the
way up that far. And we’re going to start at one end and just gradually work our way
down. So two coats of paint is standard and especially when you’re making a fairly drastic
change in the color like we are here. In some cases, I’ve had to use three or four coats.
Its important to keep in mind when you’re picking out a color. Ok, we’re going to let that sit for a couple
hours and then put a second coat on and then we’ll go ahead and paint the trim after that’s

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