How To Paint A Room : How To Spackle A Wall For Painting

I’m doing a demonstration for Expert Village
Painting 101. I like to use pre-mixed lightweight drywall compound for repair spackling work.
As you can see over here is an imperfection of the wall here. What I am going to do and
what you should always do is when you are painting, spackling, is you want to use small
smooth strokes and you also want to be patient because it is real easy to want to get ahead
of the game and try to do it quickly but you really want to put thin coats and multiple
coats in order to do it properly. When I am doing a repair spackle, you get a decent amount,
put it on the area that you are looking to repair. Just going to turn around here. Once
I smooth it in to the cracks that need to be repaired, then you smooth it out.


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