How to Paint a House : How to Caulk Interior Walls

Hello! My name is Grady Johnson and I’m a
professional painter. And today I represent Now we’re going to start
caulking. Now, when we’re caulking for the exterior, interior painting, the main things
we want to look at are door jamb edges like this one and on the ceiling, we’re going to
look right along the edges to see if there are any cracks. Now, our ceiling is really
tight. We’re not going to have any problems. But one other place you want to look is around
these air conditioning vents. I’m fortunate. I don’t have a whole lot going on there. So
I’m going to be okay there. Now, when you’re doing the ceiling and the wall, go ahead and
caulk it all at the same time. So you want to focus on cracks like these like you see
here on this door jamb and also along your baseboards. So just go ahead and get your
caulking tube ready. Now, you want to cut this tip at an angle so that you can work
with it and if you hold it away from the wall you’ll keep the line thin and when you pull
it down like that, that’s when it thickens up on you. Then, you work your caulking bead
with your finger. Now, we’ve talked a little about caulking guns, so I’m not going to belabor
that. But go ahead and poke it and get it ready to go and keep your end nice and clean.
Just kind of work that off. Now, you see that little crack right along here. So we want
to fill these holes and I’m going to hold this just a little bit up because I want a
thinner line. See, like this and you just run that all the way down. Take that all the
way down to the bottom. Alright now, you want to run your finger along that bead. You just
take that finger and run it out all the way down. Now, the key is to even this out because
you don’t want any ridges on it. Now see here, this little line here. I’ve smoothed that
out because if I leave a ridge, it’s going to show. Then take that excess stuff and cram
it in your corners. Now, that’s why you want to make sure this area is well dusted before
you start. Now, I already pre-dusted and wiped everything down to make sure I was ready to
caulk. But if you get on a surface and it’s still a little dusty when you start to put
your caulking bead on there, stop right away. Wipe that down with your rag. And then go
ahead and put on your caulking bead. Well, I’ve got a lot more caulking to do. I’m going
to finish these baseboards and the door jambs. And this is everything you’re going to need
to know to put the caulking beads on for your interior paint job.

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