How to Paint a Bathroom : Bathroom Painting: Rolling Walls

So we just cut the walls in so our next step
in painting the bathroom is to roll them out so let’s get everything that we need necessary
for rolling the walls. We have a roller tray, a roller, and the roller cover. This is a
half inch neck for a semi-smooth surface. We are going to put it right on to the roller
and then what we want to do is we want to do a little trick to get rid of any of the
lint that might be on it from the factory. There is a little bit of lint that comes off
and we want to catch that so it doesn’t end up on our walls. This is what we do. Take
the painter’s tape and wrap it around all the way up, like a barber’s pole, keep the
whole thing tight. Now we are just going to rip it off. There we go and now you can see
all that lint that caught on your tape would have been on your walls so when you walk into
someone’s house and you see that the walls are kind of hairy that’s why, not a good look.
So now let’s pour the paint into the tray, just enough to form a nice little pool. That
should be good for now. We don’t have too big of an area to paint. We want to always
take our brush and catch the drips. It looks pretty good. You want to basically get it
into the paint just enough to get it wet and then we are rolling off the excess on this
ramp part right here. So now this is loaded with paint and now we are going to begin.
We want to get it right into our cut, the paint that we cut. So you want to get right
up in there and get up as close as you possibly can. You want to use this edge rather than
that edge to run along the edge when you cut because you can get in just a little bit closer.
We are just going to get the paint on there. Get right up to the edge as close as we can,
probably about a half inch away from our cut edge is where you will want to go. So that
way you will roll right over your brush strokes and when it dries in you are not going to
see the brush strokes at all and it will be a very pleasing appearance. Now this is a
small area and typically when you are working in a larger space you want to apply the paint
on in the configuration of a V or a W or some sort of zigzag stroke and then you kind of
go back into it and just even it out. So where we have tape and plastic we can just pull
it right on to there, don’t worry. So that concludes the rolling of the wall for now.
There is always two coats recommended for the wall so what you want to do is you want
to now set this aside and I’ll show you how to do just that. Load it up with paint so
it doesn’t dry out, nice and evenly wet, then you want to take a plastic bag or some of
your plastic drop cloths even saran wrap and you just want to wrap it up nice and tight
and you are going to make sure that the plastic is snug right into the wet paint and you just
fold it up pretty good. If you are going to have it waiting overnight, I recommend sticking
it in the refrigerator to keep it nice and fresh. At this point you can either keep it
on your roller or if you are going to be rolling another room or another area you are going
to remove it like this. You take a broom stick or a roller handle and you give it a tape
and it just is a quick release, comes right off.


Damp your roller first dude! Give it a good wash out first and than spin it out outside well and you are ready to go! Damn DIY'ers!

Always wash your roller before using it, this will remove any lint or dirt that maybe embedded in roller cover plus a roller cover should be damp before you use it.

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