How to Mix Home Decor – Home Styling 101 Episode 2

Have you ever found a cute piece of home décor
that you love at the store, but when you get it home it just doesn’t seem to look right
with any of your other stuff? It’s the wrong height, the wrong size, and
you just can’t get it to work. I’m going to help you solve that problem today. Welcome to Home Styling 101. I’m Jackie Hernandez and in this series I’m
going to teach you how to arrange your home décor and home accessories. When you’re mixing and matching home décor,
there’s three characteristics you need to keep in mind, height, shape, and texture. The first thing you want to vary in your arrangements
is the height of your pieces. Having pieces at a variety of different heights
is the most eye pleasing. That’s why you’ll often see retailers sell
the same object in two or three different heights. You can buy them off the shelf, take them
home, and they’ll look great. Now, that’s great if you just need a simple
easy arrangement, but if all you ever did was buy matched sets of décor from the store,
pretty soon your home would start to look like the store. In the next two tips, I’m going to show you
how you can break up this matched set using shape and texture. The second thing you want to vary for a good
looking arrangement is shape. In this case we have the two wood vases which
are matching. They’re a slightly different shape, but they’re
both vertical, upright vases. Instead of adding another vase to this mix,
I switched it up by bringing in a large bowl. This is adding a different shape to our arrangement
and creating more interest. The easiest way to break up a matched set
like this is to take out the smallest guy, because we want to keep the overall size of
our arrangement. Then we’re going to swap this guy for an object
in a different shape. You could try a short cube vase. You could try a decorative star, or you could
try a decorative sphere. The goal here is to simply break up the tall
vertical items with an object that is a different shape to contrast with the finials. The third thing that you want to vary in your
arrangements is texture. You want to create a pleasant contrast between
the different elements in your arrangement. Here I have the wood carved vases and I’ve
contrasted that with the smooth, glossy, ceramic, bowl. When you’re choosing your new object to go
with the finials, you also want to consider texture. You can be more intentional about creating
contrast. When we look at these finials, they’re a little
bit distressed. They’re a matte paint finish, so we want to
contrast that with another element. You could create high contrast by bringing
in a shiny, metallic, object like this mercury glass owl. If you wanted something a little more subtle,
but still with contrast, you can bring in a glass vessel. If you want to keep your arrangement more
subdued, you can bring in another object with a matte finish, but this driftwood ball has
a lot more texture than the smooth shape of the finials. When you’re working with these characteristics,
you want the difference in height to be noticeable but gradual. With the shape and texture, you can play how
much contrast you want to create in your arrangement. Here we have the square shaped lantern, it
does have a rounded top. I’ve paired that with two round, rotund, owls. We have a little bit of contrast in texture
because we have the matte paint finish of the lantern and the mercury glass of the owls. It does play a little bit off of the top of
the lantern. We can add more contrast here by changing
out the small owl for something with a little more texture. For example, you could swap out the little
owl for this driftwood ball. We’re sticking with the same shape we had
before, something round, but we’ve added a new texture to this arrangement. Now we have three different objects displayed
together and they look great. I do think it helps if there’s a little bit
of a theme here with the lantern, owl, and the wood. Now, if you want to create even more texture,
you can, again, vary the shape. In this example, I’ve swapped out the driftwood
ball for a driftwood branch. Now we have a completely different third shape
going on in this arrangement. It all still works wonderfully together, because
we’ve played with the elements of height, shape, and texture. When you’re rearranging your home décor or
shopping for new pieces, remember to think about height, shape, and texture. Now, download the Try This At Home Styling
recipe with detailed instructions so that you can try this tip in your home.


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