How to Make Water Beads (How to Use Them)

Hi, I’m Allie, Design Specialist with
Today, we’re going to be going over how to use water beads in vases and other centerpieces for your next event. Water beads start out as these little pellets. But don’t be deceived,
these little pellets in this one 12 ounce jar can expand to more than 15 gallons of
water beads! And as you can see around me, water beads
create this beautiful gem-like appearance in vases. So I’m going to go over just a little
bit about how to use water beads and how much water we use for each type of vase. So for
this eiffel tower vase that we have here, we’ll use 1 teaspoon of water beads for
the entire vase. So you can just put the water beads directly into the vase and then fill
your vase with water. You want to give yourself ample amount of time to let these beads soak
and expand to the size that you see here in front of me. So usually around 8 hours is
what we recommend for the time for the beads to soak and expand. If you’re filling the beads in the vase already you can just fill the vase to the top with water. However, if you’re soaking your water outside of the vase, you can use your 1 teaspoon of water beads
to 2 cups of water. And then we’ll move over to our trumpet vase,
and this vase a little larger so it’s going to require some more water than the eiffel
tower vase. For this vase, we’ll use a heaping tablespoonful, so we’ll really get a good tablespoon
in there of beads. We’ll put them down at the bottom, and then we will add our water
to this vase as well. Again, allow about 8 hours for your beads to soak and expand. Just
like the other vase, if you’re filling this vase with the water beads directly, you can
go ahead and fill the water all the way up to the top. And if you’re soaking your water
beads outside at the vase, you can just use your heaping tablespoon of water beads and
10 cups of water. Another fun idea to do with water beads is
use your Floralyte. And if you want to know more about Floralytes, we have another video
at about how to use these. But you basically just rip the tab, and then
you can put these Floralytes in any arrangement with water beads in them, and it they illuminate
really nicely and it adds a nice little flair to any centerpiece you’re making. My name
is Allie with Be sure to check out our web site for some more fun
design ideas!


Do these water beads shrink up again when all the water is used up or the beads dry out, (can they be recycled) by adding more water.

Can't you reuse them over and over? They should shrink and reexpand indefinitely as long as the polymer isn't damaged in some way. Also, in my experience they're just about as large at 4 hours as they will be at 8 hours.

really liked that tutorial with the waterbeads did not know they could have that invisible look so only the pearls are visible! can you do one with lights in them?

Which light u used? After adding water for 8 hrs….for how many days it will stay and when to add more watet next?

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