How to Make Thermally Lined Curtains – Part 2 of 5 – National Trust

Welcome back to the part two in this series of videos where I’m showing you how to make thermally lined curtains. The next stage is to attach the cotton heavy bump interlining to your main fabric. You’ll have to find a big space to spread your fabric out. You want to lay the main fabric with the wrong side of it facing up. You’re going to work from the top of your curtain, down. Because the cotton bump inter-lining is very thick You can’t have it folded over on itself so we need to position it in from
the edge of the main fabric. It has to be 10 centimetres down from the
top edge of your main fabric and five centimeters in from the side edge. Then you have to pin it in place. Continue pinning both edges and the top edge of tour cotton bump to your main fabric. You’ll notice at the bottom of the curtain There’s a twenty centimeter gap between the bottom edge of the main fabric and the bottom edge of the cotton bump. This
is to allow for the hem. The next stage will be to hand sew this in place and then remove the pins. The first method of hand stitching will be to tack the cotton bump interlining along the top edge. I’m going to use a contracting colorof thread for this because it makes easier to remove it at
a later stage. Take a stitch on the spot to secure the thread You then move along the top edge of the interlining taking small enough stitches to hold it securely big enough that will be easy to remove later. Along the side edges of the cotton bump inter-lining we’ll attach it to your main fabric using a catch stitch. That that’ll mean that the stitching won’t be visible from the outside of your curtains.
First of all you have to secure your thread by doing three stitches right on the spot. This is to ensure your thread is anchored before you start attaching the inter-lining to the main fabric. You always work from left to right but your needle will be pointing toward your left hand side. If you’re left-handed you may find the easier to reverse this. First take a stitch on the inter-lining and then move forward slightly catching just a couple of threads from the main fabric. Continue this catch stitch along both of the side edges of the curtain. Now that you’ve got the cotton bump inter-lining hand sewn in place, join me in Part Three where we will hem the curtains.


Maybe I've missed something but in part one it was advised that we add 23 cm to finished length to main fabric for hem allowances. You then advise a 10 cm gap between bump and top of main fabric which is folded down (presumably for heading) and 20 cm gap at hem between bottom of bump and main fabric. This adds up to 30cm em allowance not 23 as stated. Or am I wrong?

If the interlining is 5cm from the edge of the main fabric, then why do you cut it the same width as the main fabric (as told in part 1)?

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