@melrose1996 You can eat it when it is a little hard, but it is normally eaten when it is softer because bakers and/or pastry chefs like keep their cakes in a cool room. NOT a freezer! You freeze the fondant and it'll become rock hard and is hard to eat. Almost impossible. Also, don't put cakes with fondant in airtight containers. It make the fondant really soft and it could potentially slide off the cake. If you want to loosely drape it with plastic you can.

i cant help it im in love!! i make cakes too but didnt know about these tutorials til now im soooo gonna b makin better cakes now !! thank you xx

i have been watching your tutorials,, really great and indeed helpful. in this video, can i know what u added in preparing the glue

She uses a mixture of fondant with gum paste (unless you were asking about the "nested flower cutters"). I know Wilton makes these things (there are plenty of options to choose from), and those are widely available in craft stores like Michaels and Joanns. Although I can't account for the taste of the Wilton's gum paste, because I haven't tried it yet, it's one of the most popular brands. If you order from online, say Amazon, any brand with good customer reviews should be fine! Hope I helped 🙂

Ohh, I understand now. I frequently see this problem on product review boards. Ppl in the UK seem to have a harder time getting hold of certain items than we do here. I actually don't know what the mold is called, but you can find it in a set (Amazon: "Wilton Gum Paste and Fondant Student Kit"). But if you're like me, get creative, use a cap / bottlecap, whatever you can find. Also try using a lily nail for the groove. Hopefully someone else has better suggestions for getting that 3D effect!

Wow, that took waay too long for me to figure out. But it's called either a flower palette, or a flower former, I guess? Amazon: "Wilton 1907-118 6-Pack Flower Forming Cups" has a bunch of them for a few bucks. (I wanted to figure out, because I, too, am interested in getting them).

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