How to Make No Sew Grommet Curtains

Hi, I’m Clara from Online Fabric Store Making grommet curtains is easier than it may look, you don’t even need a sewing machine. I’ll
be making a no sew version using iron on bonding tape, or you could
just as easily sew the seams if you prefer. So let’s get started The materials you’ll need are: Drapery fabric, I’m using Covington Savannah Multi, a ruler, grommet tape, grommets, stitch witchery fusible bonding web, pins, scissors, a sewing gauge which is
optional, a fabric marker or pencil, and an iron. To determine the size to cut your fabric, take the dimensions you want your
curtain panel to be and add 4 inches to the width and 16 inches to the height to account for the hems. This curtain will be 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall when finished, so I’m cutting the fabric 40 inches wide by 64 inches high. to figure out what the total width of your curtain should be, multiply the width of the window by one
and a half or two depending on how full you want the
curtains to look. First, I’m going to hem the two sides of the panel. Fold the edge over 1 inch and press. Then, fold it over another inch and iron it again. Now take the fusible bonding web and
slide it under the fold. With the iron on a high steam setting, hold it on the seam for about 10 seconds to melt the bonding web. Lift the iron and place it on the next section, and repeat down the length of the panel. Flip the panel over and slowly iron down the other side to make sure it’s fully melted. Repeat
for the other side of the panel. For the top hem, fold the fabric over 4 inches and iron. Then, fold it over another 4 inches and press again. Slip the bonding web under the edges of the fabric and iron. Repeat for the bottom hem, or you can
wait to hem the bottom until after you hang the curtains to make sure the bottom of the curtain falls exactly where you want. These particular grommets attach to a grommet tape. This way the spacing between grommets is already taken care of. Cut the grommet tape to the width of the panel making sure the grommets will be centered. Place the tape on the back side of the top hem and pin it. Trace around the insides of all the circles. Then, take the grommet tape off and cut out the circles. Finally, line up the tape with the holes and attach the grommets to the front, and it’s done. With this no sew project, you don’t need
a sewing machine to create chic grommet curtains that you can customize to your space. Thanks for watching this OFS project!


Any suggestions on how to do this with crushed velvet curtains since you're not suppose to use an iron on velvet as it will ruin it.

Thanks for sharing. We have a new home and I would love to do as many things myself as I can… Just because I love to work with my hands. I will definitely be making these curtains.

Oh wow.  Didn't know they had ready to install grommets.  This is sooo helpful.  Thanks for sharing and those curtains are very nice.

I must agree the videos are the best yet. However I live in the Orlando area and no one, I mean no one sells the grommet tape. Even eBay sells the tape without the grommets attached but it least the holes are there, which is okay,( I don’t have to worry about spacing) but the grommet tape on the video is easier for beginners like me. YOU see I’m not a craft person or a design sewer but now I am trying to do what others have done for years..DIY..

Help please anyone, I need to buy everything in the video, to point of buying a good pair of scissors. I don’t even know how to buy good pair of scissors (lol),so sad right! Please tell me where I can find grommet tape like in the video and also some of the other sewing items.. I’ll buy from any credible online store.
Thank you to all that have answers. I am clueless but willing to learn.✂️✂️📝📝📝

PLEASE NOTE: Use an even number of grommets so the sides of the curtains face in on both ends.

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This is the best and easiest way to make grommet curtains, you're the bomb!!  I'll be checking out your website for the materials needed right now.  Thanks so much for tutorial video…I'm totally excited about doing this now. 😀

fantastic! you actually show how to cut the hole. and not using sewing machine. i am going to use your technique

Amazing tutorial. Must one tale off the grommets when washing? Can you sew the grommet tape onto the curtain? Thanks! Sarah

One thing I realized too late, is that you should always make the panels so that you end up with an even number of grommets across the top. Otherwise the panels don't sit nicely on the rod. You end up with one end of the panel open showing the backside of the curtain.

This was so great. Im a textile designer and I was going to sew a garment to show my patterns but since I dont know how to sew I can do this wonderful project. Thanks for the video.

Been making my own curtains for years…. This is a revelation and I'm converted.
Brilliant tutorial, delightful natural presenter

I made these curtains, they're so beautiful! I dont have a sewing machine and I discovered this melting adhesive, GENIOUS!

Just wanna tell that my sister watched your video and learned from you. She literally made 6 curtains for 3 windows for her house and they look amazing! She made them in May 2018 if im not mistaken.

I came across your video channel looking for something else – what a revelation and I've subscribed.  Without doubt the best informative and practical tutorial I've ever seen. I'm inspired! I can't wait to do this, Thankyou!! x

Wowwwwwww soooooo nice mam👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

This the best tutorial I have seen! Thanks for this and now I can make my own curtains for my travel trailer

Agreed this is the BEST CURTAIN TUTORIAL ever!!!!!
I have two aunts that have sewed for our family for 40+years. I always wanted to learn and did learn some basic hand sewing methods in home economics. But never anything like this.
This is completely doable.
Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your craft!

Can you please write the name of that sticky white strip that you used to attached the folded seams? Where can you buy those? I am kind of
interested to try your NO-SEWING process…but is not so familiar with ‘that’ strip ….thanks…

Thanks for a good clear tutorial and demonstration that simplifies and explains that mystery about how to fix grommets.

So you don't attach the grommet tape with nothing besides the grommets?? Doesn't it bunch up and look sloppy when curtains are open?

That was absolute perfection! Your instructional technique is is superb!!! Many thanks for sharing your incredible skills!!
❓ If I have a curtain that already has grommets, would I be able to remove them❓ Please and thank you 😊 !!!

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