How to Make Decorative Candles : How to Cut Wax Shapes for Homemade Candles

Hi, I’m Rachel for Expert Village. So we’re
gonna take a blue first. We’re gonna take a cookie cutter and just if you press hard
it comes up see. And I’ll make three of those, press hard, it’s very easy to make. O.K. now
we’re gonna take a different color. Let’s take, use this one. Now I’m gonna take the
bottle top and I can press it. And it’s gonna come out a little harder but. O.K. let’s make
leaves. As you can see I’m trying to stay in the same corner so I’ll be able to use
the rest for something else. I’m not spreading too much out. I have another color so it will
be interesting. This is too thick and this, maybe this one. Let’s do one more, just trying
to make it different and interesting. O.K. we have our shapes here.


Your videos suck and your projects are FUGY! I'm sorry but it had to be said. You should NOT be representing "expert" village.

Well since you are so busy being the spelling police, allow me to reciprocate

It's "you're retarded" not "your retarded"


Why are so many people in the comments so stupid and mean? Read the title.
If you don't want to watch a video about how to cut wax shapes then why are you watching a video about how to cut wax shapes?

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