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Hi, my name is Amanda Oakleaf. I am owner, head baker, decorator of Amanda
Oakleaf Cakes in Winthrop, Massachusetts where we do custom cakes of all kinds — wedding
cakes, birthday cakes, sculpted cakes. Anything you can think of we can make it into
a cake. And today I will be talking to you about cake
decorating. And now we’re going to make an Italian meringue
buttercream, which is a cooked sugar folded into whipped meringue with egg whites, and
butter gets whipped in in the end. So, we’re gonna start. we have half a cup of water in our saucepan
and we’re gonna add one and a fourth cup of granulated sugar. and we wanna heat it up
until it comes to a boil. And we wanna watch it with a candy thermometer
to make sure it comes up to 248-250 degrees. So we just wanna give it a stir, make sure
it dissolves, and then keep an eye on it with the candy thermometer. In the mean time we wanna add one cup of egg
whites and then with the whisk attachment on your mixer, we wanna keep it on high speed
until they get frothy. And then we’re gonna add one teaspoon of cream
of tartar. So we have the sugar syrup boiling and that’s
gonna reach 250 and we got the egg whites whipping. They’re gonna be white and fluffy, they’re
gonna double in volume. Once they get to soft peaks stage, we’re gonna
add one third a cup of granulated sugar. And we just need to wait a few minutes for
everything to come to temperature. And now our egg whites are at soft peak stage
so we’re gonna add our cup, our 1/3 cup of granulated sugar. Now our sugar is at 250 degrees so it’s okay
to go ahead and add it to our meringue. Turn down the mixer to a low speed, you don’t
wanna get any of the sugar syrup on the beater blade or on the side of the bowl. Those are cold, so if the sugar sticks to
that it’s gonna harden and you’ll have little chunks of candy inside. So you just wanna slowly pour it right on
the edge, without getting any sugar on the side of the bowl. Scrape it down, make sure you get all of it
in there. And then we’re gonna turn the mixer back up
to high speed, whip it, until the meringue is cooled down. We don’t wanna add the butter too soon. If you added the butter now, it would melt
because the sugar has been so hot. So maybe five minutes or so, it’ll cool down
then we’ll add the butter. So now that our bowl has cooled down to room
temperature, we wanna add our room temperature butter, a couple tablespoons at a time. Adding a couple tablespoons at a time ensures
that everything gets mixed in smoothly and you don’t have any chunks of butter in the
end. Give it a couple more minutes, its gonna look
a little curdled in the beginning, but give it a couple minutes in the mixer on medium-high
speed and everything will get really smooth for you. At this stage the buttercream has come together
really smoothly and it’s making that flop-flop sound that buttercream’s supposed to make. We’re gonna add one tablespoon of vanilla. Mix it in, just until it incorporated and
that should be Italian meringue. And you’re ready to frost a cake.


Italian meringue is buttercream, as opposed to swiss meringue buttercream, or american style buttercream.

Are you talking about cream of tarter? It's an acid in powder form, you can find it in the spice section of your grocery store. McCormick makes it.

It's just that she says in the video its an Italian Meringue Buttercream, which is eggwhites, sugar and butter with some cream of tartar and vanilla. The title just says Buttercream – a traditional buttercream frosting is ONLY butter and icing (confectioners) sugar with a splash of milk and vanilla – very different tastes, very different methods.

I just finished making this and it's too runny:( any one got the same results? I'm going to leave in the fridge hope that helps:/

how much butter did she get into this recipe cause she didn't say, i'm french and i'm learning i would know wich recipe as teh better taste the original or this one made with italian meringue ?
thanks for your help ..

this video is horrible. i want to see what the icing is suppose to look like at different stages so i know that i am doing it right. why have the camera on the presenter? this might as well be a podcast cause the visuals are useless.

In the video, it's 250 degrees Fahrenheit, so it would be about 120 degrees Celsius, and she used 6 sticks of butter, so it's about 680 grams.

Hi Amanda, great video. Greetings from Venezuela, I wonder how much butter you use in this recipe. By the way, I like the background music. Much success to you and your business.

Look at that load of butter Heartattck, I entered eggwhite. Icin sugar butter watwill I get??
Any suggestions for white or blue icing that's likebuttericing but better color?

Hi, this recipe looks suitable to make a buttercream for decorating a cake. But I would like to know how much butter did you use for this recipe.

This video is probably not for the beginner baker or someone who doesn't bake very often- especially if you can't make frosting without pictures or don't have a clue what egg whites are.

Tried this recipe word by word this afternoon… worked perfectly… sugar was a bit too much for my taste… would be a good idea to taste the icing as you add… Also it gets a bit runny after you add sugar… I was quite scared then… but it all worked out perfectly… It also curdled like you said… thank you Amanda 🙂

Hi there. there really are just four different stages – fluffy eggwhites, a bit runny after adding sugar and then it curdles as you add butter, and finally goes smooth ( you'd know the final stage from your experience ).. Just copy her each step…

Que vous pouvez être critique dans vos commentaires, si c'est pour déblatérer, inutile de commenter!!!! Elle est trèsbien cette vidéo! Bravo!

I did tried it and after I put the butter in and became soup it wasted my time and ingredient. it's not working. Don't tried it.

After she put the egg whites in she put the cream of what in it? IM sorry I didn't catch that ingredient what was it?

i think this video will be better if it can show what it is in the bowl. cuz i 'm not sure at which form of the egg whites that we put the syrup in

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