ya its may not be as easy as downloading the song from a other website and or torrent then copying it on a blank disc

As the word "kool" is being used to emphasise how good this video is it isnt defined as such in the dictionary as meaning "cool" hence you can spell it however the fuck you like. 😀

I like this idea but would probably use a big silvery rainbow bow or something like that as the red felt one looks kinda outta place on the high tech color scheme. Its really great tho! Can't wait to try it.

ME : these cd's havent been used since my grandpa watched them in the 90's!
after 2 weeks
Me : hi gramps !
Old guy : Hello Kiddo! i came here to get my old cd's back! they say if you have 30 old cd's of the 90's movies , you can get 1,000,000 dollars !
Me : ………………………… O.o
*destroys wreath*

I have crafty hands and love doing any thing fr recycle . Things turned put beautifully and you feel so good.

So how many CD's you used for this project. What's great if you including on the description box more information and also the measurements of the wreath. Anyway thank you so much for your time and sharing

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