How To Make A Paper Plant | Paper Craft | DIY Home Decor

we will start with a piece of paper. It
should be square. Mine is 10×10 cm make the folds as shown I will show all the folds again in
a closer view repeat the steps to make more similar
pieces. I’ve made a total of 20 pieces the bigger you want your plant to be, the
more pieces you will need I have mixed purple and pink colors, you can take
two shades of green or a green and yellow for more of a real plant look place them as shown one behind, one in front then one behind and then one in front I have used sheets that are
comparatively thicker so if you use thinner sheets like the glazed paper or
the origami paper, it will be easier to handle. or you can use glue, in this step or in making these folds because it does run out of hand and the more number of pieces you are using, the more difficult I will get to handle so I
have glued it after putting everything in place. I glued the bottom fold for each of the piece using glue will make the next step very easy this step doesn’t essentially require as much effort if you are using thin sheets but anyways this is not as difficult so just take a pencil and curve the sheet a little in the direction that you’re going to roll it I would suggest that you use glue in this step, it is again not necessary but very helpful if you do. We don’t have to make a very tight roll just roll it lightly and in a few places like two or three in between the roll randomly fix it with glue Now using a pencil curve the leaves in the outward direction now the plant part is ready but to decorate it in a pot, we will need to do 1 more step we will use this as our planter we will just have to place the plant in the planter but now this planter we are using is very deep, so I want my plant to sit a little on the top edge so I will take a cardboard strip and I will roll it rolling this around the plant helps in 2 ways either if your planter is wide and you can see space around the plant inside your planter this will look like soil it will give a better look and also the plant wouldn’t move around you will not have to glue your plant in the planter you can change planters later and in this particular case because the my planter is deep this will give a base and keep the plant above just like I want it to be the cardboard strip I took was very wide, I need to trim it a little to get just the right bounce to the plant you can fix the cardboard strip around the plant either with glue or with tape. you can glue the cardboard to the bottom of the planter but I am not gluing it because I might want to change planters later this looks more like pineapple so it gives a really edgy Deco look so I like it this way. there’s a video on the channel to how to make this planter also in case you want to check it out the link is in the description box please subscribe to the channel guys, if you like the video, hit the LIKE button and leave your comments check out other videos on the channel and don’t forget to subscribe


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